Warframe How to Unlock the Steel Path

Warframe How to Unlock the Steel Path

Become a greater Tenno in the history of the Warframe by completing Steel Path in Warframe. It’s a pretty hard task and won’t be accessible by an average tenno. You have to complete the previous challenges, tasks, and quests in Warframe. To unlock the steel path. Steel Path has set the bar too high for … Read more

Warframe: How to get Silphsela

Silphsela Warframe

Hey, fellow Tenno! Ready to dive into the thrilling world of Warframe and score some Silphsela? This magical crafting material is your ticket to crafting super cool gear like the Sun & Moon dual swords, the Sunpoint Sigil, and the mesmerizing Silphsela Ephemera. Exciting, right? To find it, head over to the mysterious Duviri Paradox … Read more

Warframe Arcane Rise in 2024

Warframe Arcane Rise

Calling all Tenno! Are you ready to unleash the epic power of arcanes in Warframe? These incredible buffs can be equipped on your Warframes and weapons, bestowing you with increased damage, survivability, and valuable utility.  Hold on tight, because, in 2023, the game is witnessing an electrifying resurgence with the arrival of the coveted Duviri … Read more