Lost Ark: Morai Ruins in Saland Hills: Guide

Morai Ruins in Saland Hills: The lost ark morai ruins are one of the largest dungeons in the early part of the storyline. Morai ruins are much more difficult than other dungeons you faced in the early stages of the game because in morai ruins there are more rewards and collectables.

So to win them you have to face more difficulty in this dungeon. The dungeons are filled with hidden enemies, wall traps, floor traps, hordes of demons and one final boss which respawns and it’s a more frustrating part of the dungeons.

So in this article, we will discuss the location of morai ruins, Mokoko seeds, hidden areas, quests and how to defeat the main final boss in the dungeon. You will find all the information about morai ruins here. Also, the dungeon is off the map so you won’t be able to take help from the map as well, follow the steps here to walk through the dungeons.

Location of Morai Ruins in Lost Ark

To know the location of the morai ruins in the lost ark, you can easily open the map and find the exact location there, but if you could not find the location from the map then you can find the location of the morai ruins here from the near location of lt. Further, the morai ruins will not be visible directly from the map.

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To find the location on a map, go to Yudia, which is the second major region in the storyline of the lost ark. As you reach Yudia open the map and find the saland hill map, there you will be able to see the dungeon icon in the northwest. This is the entrance of the morai ruins.

Also near the icon on the map, there is one name mentioned over their Submerged area. This is the name of the area, the reason behind it is that players don’t get confused over the missing dungeon.

morai ruins in saland hills

Location of Mokoko Seeds in Morai Ruins Lost Ark:

There are a total of 11 mokoko seeds available in the morai ruins dungeons. In the dungeons, the seeds are guarded by the enemies. You have to defeat the enemies to get those seeds.

In some of locations, there are two seeds and in some locations, there are single seeds. To collect the seeds you have to approach the seeds and press and hold the G key to get the seed.

Location of 1st mokoko seed in morai ruins dungeons

To get the first mokoko seed you should have to jump from the main path to planks that extend from the wooden platform. There will be a hut present there near the pots on the south side where you will find the first seed.

Location of 2nd mokoko seed in morai ruins dungeons

Now jump back to the main path and at the end of the platform you will find the second seed in morai ruins dungeons.

Location of 3 & 4 mokoko seed in morai ruins dungeons

On the path, you will see a column ramp to the southeast side where the mokoko seeds are available. Also in that location, there will be two enemies.

Location of 5 & 6 mokoko seeds in morai ruins dungeons

Break the door down and enter a small room and grab your fifth and sixth mokoko seed from there.

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Location of 7 mokoko seed in morai ruins dungeon

Break the door down and enter in the hole to the left of yours. On a stone platform near foliage, you will get your seventh mokoko seed there.

Location of 8 & 9 mokoko seed in morai ruins dungeon

Reach to the bottom through the column there and grab the mokoko seed from the column bottom to get the other seed two steps to the northeast side there.

Location of 10 & 11 Mokoko Seed

To cross the waterfall, use the fallen column to reach the platform with the mokoko seed there. Then to the northeast side of the map, you will get the other mokoko seed.

Walkthrough Morai Ruins in Lost Ark

Enter the location, meet the armen and follow him he will bring you the first horde of demons. To continue you have to defeat them all.

Get the mokoko seed too. Now continue further till Armen leads then after he will leave you to follow the objectives and pull the lever. Pull the second lever and don’t forget the get the 2,3, and 4 seed

Now you will find the spikes shooting from the ground. You can use a dash to cross faster In Ramos, defeat the mini-boss if you don’t want to fight with his minions at once then step back and attack or defeat the boss and the minions will disappear.

Then if you go further a wall will come to crush you, run as far as you can to save yourself and go back when the wall starts shaking don’t forget to collect the mokoko seed 5.6, 7 from there. Then go to collect the mokoko seeds 8,9,10 and 11 on the way.

You will be able to see the large horde of demons yo defat divide them and use your best skill there
Now enter the chamber and find Thanatos.

How To Defeat Thanatos in Morai Ruins in Lost Ark?

Defeating Thanatos is easy, first, you have to deal with his minions. As you complete with minions to grab the neck of Thanatos and defeat Thanatos. You can defeat him quickly but the problem is, he will respawn again and again.

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So what you can do is, grab the mirror from there, get the reflection of the light on the mirror and focus the reflection of light over Thanatos.

If you lag there he will stand again so you have to make sure that you don’t give him any chance to stand again. Do this quickly to win the deadliest battle of the largest dungeon in the early game.

So here is the end of the morai ruins. You will seed, walkthrough and defeat Thanatos. If you can survive this part of the game then you can win over any other dungeon in the lost ark too.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions with complete morai ruins in saland hill with complete information.

In Mokoko, how do you travel to the Morai Ruins?

And used the jump action at the stated position on the map, Mokoko Seed #2 can be found. A Seed is currently docked. The third and fourth Mokoko Seeds may be found by descending under a fallen pillar (labeled with an x) and defeating the two guards who respawn at the bottom.

Where is the Lost Ark of Saland Hill?

Saland Hill appears on the Lost Ark Map Of the world as one of the places. It’s in the town of Yudia.

However many mokoko seeds are there among the ruins of Morai?

In Morai Ruins, you can discover 11 Mokoko Seeds.

What is the level of the Morai Ruins in the Lost Ark?

Morai Ruins is a Lost Ark Dungeon. Item Level 80 and completion of the quest To Morai are required to enter the Morai Ruins.

This is end of this short guide.

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