Shoryuken Meaning Explained (2024)

Shoryuken Meaning: As a lover of fighting games, the players of the game Street fighter may well know about the term ‘Shoryuken’. ‘street fighting’ is a video game series that is a very famous fighting video game among the other fighting video games in the gaming world.

In this street fighting game, there is a most usable term named Shoryuken. The term Shoryuken is mainly used by the players of this street fighting game to show the fighting moves to the players.

As a fighting game lover, the players may have wished to know more about Shoryuken. They may want to know what the term Shoryuken means, and they may want to know from where the term Shoryuken has arrived or it developed.

So here is a brief description of the term Shoryuken. The interested people or the interested players may check out this discussion below.

If there is any player or if there is gamer who may want to know from where the term Shoryuken has arrived then they may check the below discussion.

What is Shoryuken In Gaming?

In 1987 once there was a famous arcade game by Capcom. This 1987’s Cacom arcade game was known as the street fighting game. In this street fighting game, the word Shoryuken has used for the first time. Here the term Shoryuken means a fighting game move or fighting action.

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In this fighting game, there is a gaming move or there is a fighting action that shows an uppercut punch. In a fighting game This uppercut punch in known as the ‘rising dragon fist’. This uppercut punch is mainly known as Shoryuken in the term of Japanese.

So in short the uppercut punch is known as Shoryuken in Japanese. The term Shoryuken is used only by a secret series that has the input and some buttons. These secret inputs and the buttons of the Shoryuken are used only in arcade fighting games. And these buttons in the arcade game is in a stick manner which is unknown to the players of the street fighting game.

After being famous in 1987 another series of street-fighting video games has been released in 1991. In this series, there were some different features from the last series which was released in 1987.

Shoryuken meaning

There in the new series, the uppercut punch which was known as the dragon’s fist now has changed. In the 1987’s series there the Shoryuken is mainly used as a fighting move.

But in the series of 1991 there the term Shoryuken changed and it was used to describe the action move and as well to describe the character also. There is a karate style, the word Shoryuken is used to perform any kind of attacking move or auction.

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The players may know that there in this street fighting game, there is a famous character named Ryu. The term Shoryuken has used for the first time by this character Ryu. First Ryu has shouted and pronounced Shoryuken when he uses this move or this fighting action.

In 1992 there another change came in this fighting series. In this 1992’s series, the players or the gamers start using the term Shoryuken.

In this 1992 series, the players use the term Shoryuken as a verb, and as well as they use this Shoryuken as a verb also. In the street fighting game, there was one famous character named Ken. This character Ken has become more and more famous for their Shoryuken moves.

As soon as the new series may arrive the use of the Term Sboryuken increased. In the 1995′ series, Shoryuken has mainly used to show the dragon punch move or the dragon punch action.

In 1999 the term Shoruuken has again this series, the term Shoryuken has mainly been used to show the double manual impact.

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What is Shoryuken Meaning

So that is mean that day by day after series by sires the term Shoryuken has changed. The meaning of this term has changed. And as well as the character mainly becomes very famous through this use of the term Shoryuken.

Now it’s come to 2000. In 2000 the term Shoryuken has again changed. Now after knowing all information about the shoryuken, there a new fighting game has launched. This new fighting game has been launched on a website named

so the players may check how the term Shoryuken has developed and how has this term changed and now become a new thing. Now, this website has shortly known as SRK. This website mainly expanded to show all the news relating to fighting games.

So there is all the information about the Shoryuken term which the players or the gamers may check out to know more about Shoryuken.

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