25+ Games like League of Legends

Here we have featured some of the best identical games like League of Legends. We have tested these games and composed a list of the best game based on the game gameplay of the League of the Legends in terms of the gameplay machines and more. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the games instantly.

games like league of legends
Games like League of Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang bang

This popular MOBA is a mashup of the multiplayer video games League of Legends and Dota 2. It is also known as ML, MLBB, or MLBB. It was developed and published by Moonton, a subsidiary of ByteDance. It is available on Android and iOS devices.

The game features an intense battle system that will keep you hooked for hours. This new game has the familiar League of Legends gameplay, with the same heroes, lane-based combat, and three lanes. The controls are touchpad-based so that players can play on their phones and tablets.

Heroes of Order and Chaos

If you’re looking for a game similar to League of Legends, you may have heard of Heroes of Order and Chaos. Gameloft developed this strategy and role-playing Gameloft. The game features a multiplayer battle arena and three different maps.

It offers two PVP modes, including 3v3 and 5v5 battles, and you can play as both heroes and neutral monsters. Players can switch between different characters in the game, earn Game Currency, and unlock unique abilities.

The game features more than 30 unique heroes, all with different strengths and weaknesses. You’ll find something for everyone in this MOBA, from slow archers to devastating wizards. The game supports touch screens and is available on Android and iOS devices.

Super Monday Night Combat

If you’re a League of Legends fan, you’ve probably heard of Super Monday Night Combat, the free-to-play MOBA video game that incorporates elements of Third-person Shooting. In this competitive mode, players select the leading team and choose the best skills and abilities to attack their opponent’s base.

Players can earn Gold and experience points by taking down their enemies. There are many different ways to play Super Monday Night Combat. One way to test the game is to do some recon into free-to-play games. The site GameSpy uses its free agents to test new games and other paid items to find the best experience for users.

Heroes of the Storm

If you’re looking for a way to improve your gaming experience, check out Heroes of the Storm. This popular eSports game has some similarities to League of Legends, but it is also different.

In League of Legends, completing objectives grants you power rewards, and in Heroes of the Storm, your character is taken over by the AI.

Instead, players build their heroes by selecting talents. Each talent is unlocked as the hero levels up. This makes building a hero much more complicated but also more exciting. In League of Legends, you can spend hours on hero-building.


If you enjoy MOBA games, you might want to check out Strife in League of Legends. The game features fewer heroes than the average MOBA game, with less than 100 available at launch. Developer S2 Games is taking a less is more approach, which will help players stick to their game plan.

For starters, it’s no longer necessary to have a Ward to get extra vision on the battlefield. Instead, players can control Observatories, which act as control points that allow them to line up swindles and figure out whether a hero creep is safe to kill.

Heroes of Newerth

Players slip into the role of a hero and must destroy an opponent’s base to gain gold and experience. While the game is similar to its older sibling League of Legends, it differs from it in several ways.

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Players will have more choices, including whether they use the “Deny” technique, which allows them to kill their towers and minions.

The game is not as beginner-friendly as LoL, but players who already have some experience will find the new game to be more difficult to play. One notable change to the game is the currency system. Players can now earn gold by killing monsters in the game’s world.


If you’re looking for a game that’s reminiscent of League of Legends, try Teamfight Tactics. This auto battler game is set in the League of Legends universe, similar to Dota Auto Chess. You control Victor, a hero with unique abilities, and you battle multiple teams of AIs and online players.

This game features various gaming modes, including Unranked and Ranked modes and Turbo modes. It’s also an excellent choice for those who prefer the more traditional MOBA games, as DOTA 2 is a free-to-play game. The makers of Starcraft also develop it, so there’s no reason to be disappointed if you find a game you like

Titan Brawl

In a nutshell, Titan Brawl is a game of titans. Titan Brawl is split into two lanes, unlike other battle royale games with a dungeon and jungle. Titans travel down each lane, and each titan has one owner. The other titans stand around defending their tower until one loses energy.

The winner then marches forward to claim the tower. The process repeats itself until a tower is taken down. In Titan Brawl, players can compete against one another using their Titans to gain resources. They earn instantly redeemable boxes and bonus gems by finishing a match.

Players can also compete in league play, which rewards them with instantly redeemable boxes and magic gems. Titan Brawl matches last for three minutes. Each player can participate as many times as they wish. Each win brings rewards, such as gold items.


The concept of minions is similar to League of Legends but with different mechanics. When you activate them, they will walk down the lane until they encounter an enemy. They will then focus on that enemy until it dies, but if there are no other targets in the area, they will switch to a higher-priority target.

Guilty Gear 2: Overture

While League of Legends is considered a MOBA, Guilty Gear 2: Overture does not have the same structure. Rather, it is a proto-MOBA with the aesthetics of an RTS. It offers more room for gameplay while still maintaining the same fun aspects of MOBAs.


In Supernova, you can select the occupation of your hero and participate in a wide range of activities to gain loot and rewards. You can also explore other planets, engage in battles, and own buildings, barns, factories, and even entire space stations.

Atlas Reactor

There are many ways to customize the look of your character in Atlas Reactor. There are tons of skins, profile banners, and chat emoticons. While the game is free to play, you can also pay to unlock cosmetics.

In general, you can only spend money on the game if you want to buy cosmetics. As long as you spend that money wisely, you can play the game without worrying about losing your account. In addition to offering free-to-play multiplayer games, Atlas Reactor features turn-based tactical battles, where you manage your attack and defense in a limited time frame.

Its gameplay is highly competitive and rewards careful planning and tactics. It supports up to six players, and each hero has five different abilities. In addition, you can switch heroes during pre-load. The game is reminiscent of Chess, with a heavy focus on tactics and memory.

Adventure Time: Battle Party

You’ve probably heard of the popular multiplayer online battle arena game, League of Legends. If so, you’ve probably wondered what makes Adventure Time Battle Party so unique. It features cartoon characters such as Finn, Jake, and Vanellope and computer-controlled bots.

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However, there’s more to Battle Party than meets the eye. You’ll find yourself battling alongside other fans as well as villains. While League of Legends is more famous for its intense gameplay, the Cartoon Networkdeveloped Adventure Time: Battle Party is just as addictive and engaging.

The game allows you to play as various characters from the cartoon series and take on computer-controlled bots in multiplayer matches. You can also play with other people and challenge them to earn star shards in leaderboards. There are also four named tiers in Adventure Time: Battle Party.

Legendary Heroes

If you’re bored of the typical MOBA game, check out Legendary Heroes. It’s a mobile game that takes the genre to the next level, focusing on 3v3 (PvP) matches. It also allows offline play but will require more power from a handheld device.

Legendary Heroes is much different from its MOBA sibling as an Action-RTS title, but it still has many similarities. While there’s no specific order in which these Heroes will be available, you can justify spending resources on them if your other Heroes are maxed.

Plants Wars

The game takes place in a world filled with colourful plants. The gameplay combines RTS and MOBA elements. Players choose from a wide variety of characters with unique abilities, skills, and play styles.

They use these to defend their forests from invading beasts and destroy the enemy’s base. There are several different difficulty levels so that players can challenge themselves. The game is available on iOS and Android platforms.

However, the respawn time between the first and second waves of plants is limited, and the pouch is worthless without a high-quality jump. As such, curation of plant location is essential. In addition to careful planning, there are various ways to play Plants Wars like League of Legends.

Big Story Little Heroes

You’ll love Big Story Little Heroes if you’re a casual MOBA player. It’s free and full of fun MOBA elements, and it allows you to play in the social setting of Facebook. It also features plenty of social features, including the option to customize an online avatar.

Players can choose from one of five classes. A tutorial is also available to help you get started. Once you’ve done that, you can begin battling your way up the ladder and racking up points. Like most MOBAs, Big Story Little Heroes has several similarities and differences.

Players can switch between squads and heroes, each with their own unique abilities and arsenals. Like in League of Legends, Big Story Little Heroes is best played with teammates, though it’s also possible to play run-and-gun. The graphics are beautiful, too. The gameplay is similarly fast-paced, with team fights and arenas.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a living part of gaming history. It’s challenging, classic, and beautifully polished. It’s also free to play. While League of Legends wasn’t the first to make the genre popular, it definitely helped make it successful.

Now, Dota 2 has an incredibly competitive scene with some of the biggest events in gaming history. The International is an annual world championship held in the game, and the prize money has gotten out of control.

Shards of War

If you’re looking for a new game to play, consider Shards of War. This Sci-Fi action-adventure MOBA game is set in a dystopian future.

You’ll join one of two five-member teams and fight alongside other players to take down enemy Drones, advance to the enemy Outposts, and destroy their HQ.

Shards of War features fast-paced, action-packed PvP battles and features both strategy and exploration elements. It’s worth noting that Shards of War uses the same core mechanics as League of Legends.

Its game features champions, double action in half the time, and WASD controls. There are also different champion choices so that you can choose from a variety of heroes and spells. And, of course, the stunning graphics and exciting gameplay of League of Legends are just as important.

Dragons and Titans

If you love playing MOBA games, Dragons and Titans may be your game. This fast-paced action RPG game lets you train your dragon pack to fight in epic Arena battles with other dragon riders.

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This online MMO game features many unique heroes and powerful abilities. You can also team up with friends to fight and destroy other players’ bases.

You can even customize your hero with different skills and weapons. You can also earn experience points to customize your character in this MMO.

Games of Glory

If you’re looking for a free-to-play action game full of great mechanics and fast-paced action, Games of Glory might be for you. With its dual-stick shooter and click-based WSAD controls, this action game is a great option for anyone looking for a fast-paced experience.

It also allows players to set up their clubs, which allows them to create their teams. Club admins can even specify their logo, catchphrase, and types of players they’d like to recruit. And, of course, they can purchase special skins to display their club’s colors and logos.

Chaos Heroes Online

If you’re wondering if Chaos Heroes Online is like League of Legends, the game is based on Chaos Heroes’ Korean team, but with a few important differences. It has a hard game time cap of 50 minutes, and games that drag out will automatically end.

Instead of battles being decided by a single character’s stats, players will have to battle each other in five teams, and there are no wards. This means more swindles.

Prime World

If you’ve never played League of Legends or even played it, you should check out Prime World. This free-to-play game falls into the MOBA/RPG genre and features an incredible universe.

It combines castle management, hero development, and tactical battles. Players can customize their character with different combinations and use those skills in battle.

There are also an incredible number of skins and talents. In the browser-based Prime World, players can spend gold on upgrading their town, which gives them better stats, equipment, and abilities. This persistent levelling system is similar to that of League of Legends, and players are rewarded for building up their cities.

Rise of Incarnates

If you love the tactical aspect of League of Legends, you might want to check out Rise of Incarnates. This free-to-play MOBA combines shooting, hacking, and transforming elements. Players engage in arena-like combat, using futuristic weapons and special abilities.

Players can even customize their characters with abilities that increase their stats. Players can also participate in PvP, which allows them to play as any other team. Arena Wars is a cross between a MOBA and an arena game.

Players fight in a small arena that shrinks after a certain time, making it a competitive experience. It’s also free to play, but you may be tempted to spend some cash on upgrading your characters or buying new ones. These games are similar enough that you’ll want to play them all!

Sins of a Dark Age

Sins of a Dark Age The dark fantasy multiplayer online battle arena game Sins of a Dark Age was developed by Ironclad Games and published by Steam. It was released on May 8, 2015, as a free-to-play title on Steam. It is available on Microsoft Windows.

Arena of Valor

What’s it All About? The international adaptation of the award-winning Chinese MOBA, Honor of Kings, Arena of Valor is available for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

The game was developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by Level Infinite. This is the first major game to be released outside of Mainland China. Read on to discover everything you need to know about the game. Arena of Valor.

This is a sum up of the League of Legends alternatives for similar content do read our Games Like Guides for more helpful information.

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