Elden Ring Enough Stonesword Keys (June 2022)

Elden ring enough stonesword keys are a limited set of key items obtained at secret locations and used at imp statues to open barriers and discover secrets. Through Stonesword Keys, you can breach several special sealings and locks called Imp Statues to access new, secret areas, from underground caves to smaller rooms with an abundance of treasure. 

Later on, in the Ring of Elden, you will find that most vendors will also sell the Stonesword Keys, which allows you to restock on them adequately and breakthrough seals you have not cracked before.

But when you try using a Elden Ring enough Stonesword Keys on the Imp Statue at the Roundtable Hold, you will get a pop-up showing that you don’t have enough keys. Let’s discuss what we can do about this problem. Also, let’s explore the work of Elden Ring enough Stonesword Keys, available in the game. 

What are Stonesword Keys? 

Elden ring enough stonesword keys are precious resources in Elden Ring, a unique key used to unlock seals on imp statues and find treasures and new areas outside. Be sure to read on for a series of Elden Ring Stonesword Key locations starting at the beginning of the game so that you can start unlocking areas in the Imp Gates.

Of course, there are only a finite amount of Elden ring enough Elden Ring enough Stonesword Keys, so knowing where all of them are located allows you to open up as many of the imp statues as you want, an excellent way to view some of the best content of the game. There are more Stoneswords for players to find, but that does not mean that key items are not generally scarce. 

Some players may be confused about what to do with those items after finding them since there is no obvious explanation. Outside of some exceptions, there is a risk-reward element of opening up statues using the Stonesword keys. Generally, you cannot say what you will gain from using them.

It is an intelligent way for FromSoftware to conceal some of the games’ better, more intriguing treasures, forcing you to consider if the sacrifice of losing the precious Elden ring enough stonesword keys is worth the rewards on the other side. We will show you what some of the first doors conceal in a minute, but if you are not sure if it is worth using a key, then checking out online posts by other players may be helpful. 

Elden Ring enough Stonesword Keys

Why does Elden Ring say I don’t have enough Stonesword Keys? 

To open the lock with the Elden ring enough stonesword keys, you must go into an Imp Statue, which must be in your vicinity. Similar to Fragrant Branch of Yore in Dark Souls II, Elden Ring Stonesword Keys can be used by tarnished people to access areas, items, or even bosses behind gray walls.

Elden Ring enough Stonesword Keys are scattered across The Lands Between, in areas such as Stormveil Castle, Roundtable Hold, Lakes Liurnia, the Raya Lukara Academy, and the Lyndell, Royal Capital. Elden Ring Stonesword keys for locked areas, ranging from small rooms that hold loot to shortcuts, alternative paths to traverse, or even dungeons with boss monsters you must dispatch to obtain treasures inside. 

But sometimes, Elden Ring says that you don’t have enough Stonesword Keys when you need more than one key to open a door or passage. For example, the second Imp Statue at the Roundtable Hold will take you two keys to open.

If you only have one key available in your inventory, an alert will come up which says you don’t have sufficient keys. You can predict how many keys a specific door or statue needs by how many imps are on it. Some are loaded on top of each other. Remember that the key will be in the Imp Statue forever, even if you die. 

How to get Stonesword Keys in Elden Ring? 

Elden ring enough stonesword keys are found in different locations. There are two main ways to get Stonesword Keys in Elden Ring. One is by finding them scattered all over the map and looting from the chests, and the second one is to buy them from Patches.

You can get them from chests scattered all over the maps, or you can find them on Patches. For example, if you open a chest with a Elden ring enough stonesword keys, you will have a chance to get it as loot. 

However, another way is to buy from Patches which sells Stonesword Keys at 6 Gold each. So, Stonesword Keys can be looted off chests and scattered over the map in Elden Ring. You can also buy them from Patches if you’re like the one who wants to spend hours grinding out Stonesword Keys in Elden Ring, only to find that they’re nowhere to be found. 

Who sells Stonesword Keys in Elden Ring? 

After he set up his shop in Markwater Cave in Limgrave, the Two Maiden Husks at the RoundTable Hold, and the Nomadic Merchant, you can buy Elden Ring enough Stonesword Keys from Patches. You can come across the Nomadic Marchant at the below locations: 

  • Weeping Peninsula. Price: 2,000 Runes for each key. 
  • Caelid. Price: 4,000 Runes for each key. 
  • Mt. Gelmir. Price: 5,000 Runes for each key. 
  • Mountaintops of the Giants. Price: 5,000 Runes for each key. 
  • Siofra River. Price: 2,000 Runes for each key. 

It’ll take 5,000 Runes to buy only one Stonesword Key from Patches. But, for 4,000 Runes, you can buy three Stonesword Keys from the Two Maiden Husks. 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Elden Ring enough Stonesword Keys with complete information.

Does Elden Ring have enough Stonesword keys?

Stonesword Keys are sufficient in Elden Ring. The keys can be found all over if you explore carefully.

Do you need all the Stonesword keys in Elden Ring?

You can open a door with a StoneSword Key when you get to Roundtable Hold, but there is a second door behind it that requires two keys in addition to the first. In total, you will need three for you to have access to the Assassin’s Prayerbook.

How many Stonesword keys are there?

You can open as many imp statues as possible by using all of the Stonesword Keys in Elden Ring, which is one of the best ways to see Elden Ring’s best content.

Stonesword key can be used how many times?

The stone key is shaped like a sword. When used on imp statues, it breaks the seal. However, a portion remains embedded in the statue, which means it can only be used once as an item. Be careful when using them.

The Stonesword key can be purchased where?

At the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace, the Nomadic Merchant sells a Stonesword Key for 2000 runes. Isolated Merchants in the Shack of the Isolated Merchant sell three Stonesword Keys for 2,000 Runes each. Right behind the ballista, halfway over the well-guarded Bridge of Sacrifice, lies a corpse that can be looted.

The Elden Ring Stonesword keys are available; where can I buy them?

In Elden Ring, Stonesword Keys are sold by The Isolated Merchant from the shack on the Weeping Peninsula. Three Stonesword Keys are available for 2000 Runes each. You can purchase them at the Nomadic Merchant on the Weeping Peninsula.

Does Reddit need a lot of Stonesword keys?

Based on a reading of the wiki page, I counted the usage, and assuming the wiki has an exhaust list, I counted 17 keys, while there are 34 found worldwide and 18 bought.

Which Stonesword key should I use?

Some rewards might be disappointing, or the risks and effort are not worth the risk. It would be best to prioritize unlocking these places first to maximize your Stonesword Keys in Elden Ring. You may find useful meta items in them or prominent secret locations.

I need Elden’s ring key. How do I get it?

You will eventually find yourself in the Church of the Cuckoo after defeating Radagon, the first boss at Raya Lucaria Academy. You can grab the second key from the upper levels of the church by climbing to one of the chandeliers and clambering along the rooftops in the courtyard.

Are Stonesword keys transferrable?

Your inventory will be able to carry over Stonesword Keys but will need to be used again. As a result, all Sites of Grace will disappear, even though the map remains intact. The good news is that Elden Ring lets players keep various items when Journey 2 begins.

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