How To Fix Not Enough Stonesword Keys In Elden Ring

If you reach the Roundtable Hold in the Elden Ring and you have to use the stonesword key on Imp Statue and message will pop up on the screen “You Don’t Have Enough Stoneword Keys”. In this short guide, I will explain what is this message about and how you can get more stoneword keys in the Elden Ring without having a hassle.

First of all, you need to more about the Stonesword keys.

Elden Ring enough Stonesword Keys

What are Stonesword Keys in Elden Ring?

The Stonesword keys are the rare items in the Elden Ring basically the character uses these stone swords as the keys to unlock certain areas or small rooms in the Elden Ring. These rooms have shortcuts, loots, small pathways even dungeons that have bosses that you need to kill in order to collect the loot.

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Why am I Getting Not Enough Stonesword Keys Message In Elden Ring?

If you’re getting the message that says you do not have enough stonesword keys that means you need more than a single stoneword key to open that particular room or area in the game.

For instance, when you reach the Imp Statue at the Roundtable Hold, you need two stonesword keys in order to open it. So if you have collected only one Stonesword key in your Inventory then the message will pop up that says “Not Enough Stonesword Keys” when you try to open the Imp Statue at the Roundtable Hold.

The best thing is you can easily able to guess how many Stoneswords keys are required to open any room or area by checking how many imps are on it or some put together on each other.

Who sells Stonesword Keys in Elden Ring? 

The Two Maiden Husks at the RoundTable Hold, and the Nomadic Merchant who sell the Stonesword keys in the Elden Ring and you can buy enough Stonesword Keys from Patches.

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You reach the Nomadic Marchant at the following locations in Elden Ring.

  • Weeping Peninsula for the price of 2,000 Runes per stonesword key.
  • Caelid cost 4,000 Runes per stonesword key.
  • Mt. Gelmir cost you 5,000 Runes per stonesword key.
  • Mountaintops of the Giants cost 5,000 Runes per stonesword key.
  • Siofra River cost 2,000 Runes per stonesword key.

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