Wild Hearts: Guide to All Fusion Karakuri and Unlock Them

Hello, Gamers! We’re excited to bring you a powerful guide, this time covering Wild Hearts: All Fusion Karakuri and how to unlock them. If you’re looking for the easiest way to remember all the names of fusion karakuri and how to unlock them in the game, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading, and we’ll explore everything about it.

In the game, Karakuri can transform into various weapons and tools, helping you defeat monsters. You can use them to set traps, defend against attacks, and deal strong damage to the powerful “kemono” monsters in Wild Hearts. But their usefulness goes beyond destruction. You can also create things with them, such as gathering resources, training, and fast travel.

How to Unlock All Fusion Karakuri in Wild Hearts

So, here are the list of Wild Heart Karakuri Fusions, Unlocking Monsters and Karakuri Combinations:

  • Bulwark: Kingtusk (Crate x6)
  • Pounder: Spineglider (Spring x3)
  • Healing Mist: Lavaback (Glider x3)
  • Elemental Lantern: Gritdog (Crate + Glider + Crate)
  • Star Bomb: Sporetail (Spring + Torch + Spring)
  • Firework: Dreadclaw (Torch x6)Shield Wall: Goldshard (Crate + Spring + Crate)
  • Repeater Crossbow: Fumebeak (Glider + Stake + Glider)
  • Chain Trap: Deathstalker (Stake x2 + Crate + Stake x2 + Crate)
  • Healing Vaporizer: Sapscourge (Torch + Celestial Anchor + Torch)
  • Harpoon: Amaterasu (Spring x2 + Stake + Spring x2 + Stake)
  • Pile Driver: Amaterasu (Stake x2 while climbing a monster)
  • Celestial Cannon: Golden Tempest (Celestial Anchor + Torch + Celestial Anchor x2 + Torch + Celestial Anchor)
  • Celestial Shield: Emberplume (Celestial Thread + Crate + Celestial Anchor x2 + Crate + Celestial Anchor)
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Description: Stack many crates together and, in a flash, the hunter has a sturdy defensive wall to repel kemono attacks and throw kemono off balance. The structure is easy to climb, too.

  • Flash of inspiration source: Kingtusk
  • Karakuri required: Crate.
  • Karakuri combination: Crate + Crate + Crate + Crate + Crate + Crate


Description: Powerful leverage brings down a massive hammerhead with terrifying force. A single blow can stop a kemono in its tracks and crush any horror the beast might spawn.

  • Flash of inspiration source: Spineglider Karakuri required: Spring
  • Karakuri combination: Spring + Spring + Spring

Healing Mist

Description: The injured hunter staves off danger with a diffusion of healing water from this incense burner. Wounds heal gradually wherever the scent lingers, and during that time no kemono can destroy its source.

  • Flash of inspiration source: Lavaback
  • Karakuri required: Glider
  • Karakuri combination: Glider + Glider + Glider

Elemental Lantern

Description: Wind, fire, ice… All the elements come to bear with the kemono’s attacks. But hunters use lanterns like this to defy them via the natural ley lines of the Earth, letting the celestial thread work in their favor.

  • Flash of inspiration source: Gritdog
  • Karakuri required: Crate
  • Karakuri combination: Crate + Glider + Crate

Star Bomb

Description: The mere sight of this karakuri conjures feelings of dread. It explodes regardless after a certain amount of time, but if the unsuspecting kemono touches it first, they suffer they fate instantly.Flash of inspiration source: Sporetail

  • Karakuri required: Spring and Torch
  • Karakuri combination: Spring + Torch + Spring
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Description: Producing stunning floral patterns in the sky, the fireworks unleashed by this karakuri are an elegant sight for hunters to behold and a harbinger of defeat for hunted kemono.

  • Flash of inspiration source: Dreadclaw Karakuri required: Torch
  • Karakuri combination: Torch + Torch + Torch + Torch + Torch + Torch

Shield Wall

Description: The Celestial Thread strung across this from top to bottom and left to right will deflect any kemono attack. Though it’s extremely tough, it quickly disintegrates, but nevertheless offers a brief window of escape for the experienced hunter.

  • Flash of inspiration source: Goldshard
  • Karakuri required: Crate and Spring
  • Karakuri combination: Crate + Spring + Crate

Repeater Crossbow

Description: This tireless device, firing barbed arrow after barbed arrow at quarry, is akin to having an extra pair of hands on the hunt. The relentless volley leaves the kemono with multiple wounds.

  • Flash of inspiration source: Fumebeak
  • Karakuri required: Glider and Stake
  • Karakuri combination: Glider + Stake + Glider

Chain Trap

Description: Bind kemono as they stand, then pounce when they’re ensnared. Thrown into a blind panic, the kemono will be the hunter’s for the taking. But with repeated use, they may learn to escape.

  • Flash of inspiration source: Deathstalker
  • Karakuri required: Stake and Crate
  • Karakuri combination: Stake + Stake + Crate + Stake + Stake + Crate

Healing Vaporizer

Description: Flooding the air with curative water, this karakuri can heal wounds and neutralize toxins, though it only has enough volume to cure a single ailment.

  • Flash of inspiration source: Sapscourge
  • Karakuri required: Torch and Celestial Anchor.
  • Karakuri combination: Torch + Celestial Anchor + Torch


Description: No kemono can escape this weapon’s giant bolts. Even airborne targets make an easy mark, and the pain when the spearhead strikes is beyond imagination. Aim carefully and reap the rewards.

  • Flash of inspiration source: Amaterasu
  • Karakuri required: Spring and Stake
  • Karakuri combination: Spring + Spring + Stake + Spring + Spring + Stake
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Pile Driver

Description: A hunter’s finishing tool, this great stake can be driven home only when the hunter is physically holding onto the kemono. Piercing the beast’s skin from close range, it deals a punishing blow that devastates the kemono’s defenses.

  • Flash of inspiration source: Amaterasu
  • Karakuri required: Stake
  • Karakuri combination: Stake + Stake (while climbing a monster)

Celestial Cannon

Description: The product of research into anti-kemono karakuri, this celestial thread powered heavy weapon inflicts equally heavy damage on kemono. Its grim projectiles crash into the target like thunder.

  • Flash of inspiration source: Golden Tempest
  • Karakuri required: Celestial Anchor and Torch
  • Karakuri combination: Celestial Anchor + Torch + Celestial Anchor + Celestial Anchor + Torch + Celestial Anchor

Celestial Shield

Description: The collective knowledge of hunters through the ages, knitting together celestial thread into a shield that guards against attack. While the karakuri still stands, the thread will cocoon the hunter’s body time after time.

  • Flash of inspiration source: Emberplume Karakuri required: Celestial Anchor and Crate
  • Karakuri combination: Celestial Anchor + Crate + Celestial Anchor + Celestial Anchor + Crate + Celestial Anchor

That’s all for our list, have any more questions? Feel free to ask in the comment section.

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