Dragalge Pokemon Go Battle League performance

Dragalge is a dual Dragon/Poison type Pokemon that evolves from Skrelp. It has a max CP of 2694 with a varied moveset that also includes strong water-type attacks. Although not exactly a meta, the Mock Kelp Pokemon does prove useful in certain PvP situations. Dragalge’s Pokemon Go Battle League worth lies in its unique typing and fast moveset.

The Noxious Swamp event will be underway on August 19 and there will be an increased chance to capture Krelp. Obtain 400 Candy to unlock its final evolutionary form. Lucky trainers can also get the newly debuted Shiny Krelp and evolve it to a Shiny Dragalge, which has a distinct green, leaf-like crest on top of its head instead of the usual red.

All things said, there is a great deal of confusion about Dragalge’s Pokemon Go Battle League performance. Here is everything to know.

Dragalge pokemon go

Best moveset for Dragalge in Pokemon Go

The best option between Acid and Dragon Tail while considering the Fast Move is the latter. Dragon Tail has a significantly larger damage-per-second stat (15 DPS) compared to Acid (9 DPS). It also benefits from STAB when paired with Outrage Charged Move.

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Dragalge can also learn Aqua Tail – a three-bar Charged Move that provides coverage against Fire-, Ground-, and Rock-type Pokemon. Aqua Tail is relatively cheaper than Gunk Shot and Hydro Pump, which are moves that don’t necessarily guarantee to be fired before Dragalge faints.

Dragalge Pokemon Go Battle League performance

Thanks to its Poison typing, Dragalge takes less damage from commonly-used Fighting-type attacks such as Counter and Brick Break. It possesses a high DEF stat and a decent bulk with additional resistance to Fire-, Water, Electric-, Poison-, and Bug-type attacks. Unfortunately, it fails against Fairy and Grass types despite its Dragon typing.

Greninja’s massive breakthrough in the Ultra League will give Dragalge a run for its money. Despite it being a Water-type, the constant Hydro Cannon attacks may overwhelm Dragalge. Another point to note is that Reshiram, Dragonite, and Garchomp in Pokemon Go are better Dragon-type alternatives in PvP.

Dragalge does edge over Charizard in Ultra League due to its access to water-type Charged Moves. It could also counter dominant Ultra League Electric types like Shadow Luxray and Togedamaru while keeping in check the threats posed by Lucario, Hariyama, and even Venusaur.

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To sum up, Dragalge is best in the role of a Closer in Ultra League due to its bulk and “outrage”-ously damaging attacks. Keep in mind that its weaknesses to Psychic-, Ground-, and Ice-types must be covered by other Pokemon in the party. A strong Fire-type such as Charizard and Steel-type such as Registeel can make up for solid gameplay.

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