Path of Exile Trial of the Ancestors: Official Release Date, Trailer and more

Path of Exile Trial of the Ancestors: At Exilecon 2023, GGG shared more details about Path of Exile 2 alongside revealing the newest league and expansion for Path of Exile 1 called the Trial of the Ancestors.

In this league, you meet Hinakura, one of the few curry gods that you haven’t actually killed yet and allows you to enter a tournament in the afterlife which is the Trail of the Ancestors.

Path of Exile Trial of the Ancestors
path of exile trial of the ancestors

The official release date for Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors is August 18th, 2023. This game mode is inspired by an auto battler but unlike a normal auto battler where you get to watch your unit clean up, in this case you get to be one of those units on the field.

When you’re killed in battle you’ll respawn shortly after. However, if your totem is killed, you die instantly and won’t respawn so you’ll need to defend your totem while trying to destroy enemy totems.

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If you’re playing hardcore, unicorn’s benevolence extends to you as well and you will not be able to perish for real while in the afterlife. To build up your team, you’ll need warriors and 3 so far have been revealed.

The Turtle who is slow and very tanky doesn’t move quickly, enemies will have a hard time killing him and he won’t be able to get anywhere fast so make sure you use him somewhere full of enemies possibly at a choke point or leading the front lines.

On the other hand, The Tuatara is balanced being quick and deceptive it should excel at sneaking past enemies to destroy their totem.

A more defensive unit is The Goliath of Knight, a disruptor who specializes in intercepting enemies and preventing them from destroying your totems. 

These are just a few warriors you’re going to be able to use in the Trial of the Ancestors. The tournament is in a double elimination style so if you lose once that’s fine but if you lose twice you’re out and you’ll leave to start again. That’s the tip of the iceberg concerning Trial of the Ancestors as I’ll see you on the game’s official release date for more check our Path of Exile guides section.

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