Among Us Polus Map, Vents & Tasks Guide

Among Us has become popular among players because it’s a lopsided survival game while completing tasks and finding the imposter. There are lots of maps in the Among Us that you can play such as  The Skeld, MIRA HQ and Polus.

The Polus map is the largest play area out of the three maps. Here we have shared all the information about the Among Us Polus map that helps you to know how many tasks in the map, all the locations of the vents and much more.

Among Us Polus Map

Knowing every corner of the map and the routes between them is the most important part of our gameplay when it comes to asymmetrical survival games.

There are 15 rooms and 12 vents present on plous map. It’s easy to memorize the details after playing some matches. As the imposter can travel through vents also you should also be aware of vents routes in the map to survive in-game.

among us polus map

Number of Rooms In Polus Map

The list of rooms is as mentioned below:

  1. Admin
  2. Office
  3. Communication
  4. Weapons
  5. Storage
  6. Electrical
  7. Security
  8. O2
  9. Specimen room
  10. Laboratory
  11. Greenhouse
  12. Balcony
  13. Reactor
  14. Launchpad
  15. Medbay
  16. Locker room
  17. Dropship
  18. Exterior
  19. Boiler room

Number of Vents In Polus Map

among us polus vents
Among us polus map

There is a list of vents in different rooms for imposters:

  1. In O2 room
  2. Security room entrance
  3. Electrical room corner
  4. Between communications and weapons room
  5. At end of the storage room
  6. At end of the admin office
  7. Right-hand side of dropship passage
  8. In laboratory
  9. In Front of the laboratory
  10. On the communications room corner
  11. In the passage of office and admin room
  12. Outside of the admin room
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Among Us Polus Map Vents Details

polus map among us
Among us polus map

Now you about the vents in polus map among us now you know about the link between rooms:

  • There is a link between the security room vents to the o2 room, the o2 room to the communication room corner and the communication room to the security room.
  • Other is between storage room vents to the communication room and weapons room vents, communication and weapons room to the passage of the office room and vents from the passage of the office room to storage room vents.
  • From outside of the admin room to the inside corner of the admin office, inside admin office vent corner to open space in front of laboratory, from open space of laboratory to inside of a laboratory
  • Between the passage of the dropship from the left to the right corner.

Vents are a plus point for imposters as you can transport yourself from one room to another very quickly. The camera vision will not affect you while using vents.

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Camera Vision Zones

polus among us map
Among us polus map

There are a total of six camera vision areas. As an imposter, it is a plus if you know the details about the cameras.

  1. Between electrical room and dropship
  2. Between dropship, laboratory and storage
  3. Between communications and office
  4. Between admin and weapons
  5. In the space between the specimen and the office
  6. At the end of the map after the o2 room

Here is the disadvantage for imposters, they will not perform any suspicious activity here, so if you want to survive till last and find out who is an imposter then you will be safe in camera vision zones.

Number of Tasks In Polus Map

among us map polus
Among us polus map

Visible tasks are in

  • Weapon room
  • At the last corner of the laboratory room

Wire fixing task in:

  • At the line of the door of the o2 room
  • In corner of the electrical room
  • At the start of the office room
  • Three tasks in the laboratory

Few tasks in the Polus map

  • To prove you are not an imposter of the game, submit your DNA in the medbay room, if you are a pro and avoid all silly mistakes you might not visit this room.
  • In the laboratory room task is to align the telescope
  • In cropship the task is to chart courses
  • The O2 room has empty garbage and fill canisters
  • Fix weather
  • Fix wiring is done in three rooms as mentioned above in the laboratory, o2, office and electrical
  • Fuel engine
  • In the laboratory to inspect the sample
  • In o2 motoring tree
  • In the boiler room open waterway task
  • In communication, room reboot wifi task
  • Record temperature, repair drill in laboratory
  • Replace the waterway in the boiler room and in the office
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While performing all these tasks be careful about the imposter. The imposter has the advantage of vents so you better be quick in the task, and try to stay in the camera-prone zone while not performing the task. Also, check some of the best pickup lines you can use in Among Us.

Video Guide:

How To Check if a Player in-game is Dead or Alive

There is a special feature in the game where you can check who is dead and alive in the game. To check if there is room after office room, visit that room and you will be able to monitor the other members’ vitals.

This will help you to find how many people are in the game. If you are a crewmember and have doubts that a player is an imposter then you can call a meeting and find out the imposter.

This is all for this guide for more helpful content do read ours Among Us Guides for more information such as all Among Us character colors or best places to hide in Among Us and more.

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