Hogwarts Legacy: All Wand Handle Locations

Players of Hogwarts Legacy are well aware of the various customization options that are available to them. The game gives players the option to customize almost every detail about their character, including various accessories.

As it is a game about magic that has a wide range of customization options, you can surely expect that you would be able to customize your magic wands as well, and that’s what this article focuses on.

42 wand handles can be acquired in the Hogwarts Legacy game, and this article will tell you everything you need to know about each one.

The wands can be found in chests across different areas of the map, and usually, you can find a few scattered across one region.

Let’s dive in!

Wand Handles Within the Hogwarts Legacy

To optimize your search, we will list the wand handle locations out according to what region of the map they can be found. Each region’s wand handles will be listed out completely before we move on to another region.

The Astronomy Wing

The Astronomy wing holds four different wand handles that can be found and picked up by players, and here’s where you can find them.

1- Behind a level 2 locked door in the Hogwarts Dungeons in the basement of the Astronomy Wing.

Astronomy Wing First Wand Handle
all wand handles hogwarts legacy

2- In the Gargoyle Room on the ground floor of the Defense Against Dark Arts Tower in the Astronomy Wing.

Astronomy Wing Second Wand Handle
all wand handles hogwarts legacy

3- In the south corner of Professor Fig’s classroom.

The Astronomy Wing Wand Handle

4- Go up the stairs in the Charms Classroom and through the locked door. Continue to the roof, and the wand box is straight ahead when you hit the roof area.

Astronomy Wing Third Wand Handle
all wand handles hogwarts legacy

The Bell Tower Wing

The bell tower wing is another location you can look to find wand handles. There are two hidden.

1- Inside Mr. Moon’s house, in the ramparts, near the Hogwarts North Exit (Bell Tower Wing).

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The Bell Tower Wing Second Wand Handle
all wand handles hogwarts legacy

2-From the Bell Tower Courtyard, head up the music tower (past the Scorch Marks) until you hit the music room with the frog choir.

The Bell Tower Wing Wand Handle
all wand handles hogwarts legacy

Head up to the top, past the broken bells, until you get outside. Interact with the frog and get transported to two more chests. One is a Conjuration, and one is a wand handle.

The Grand Staircase

The grand staircase in the Hogwarts Legacy also has three wand handles located.

1- Inside Professor Black’s Secret Door (above the Trophy Room, near his office). To get into the secret door at the end of the corridor near Professor Black’s office, you need to first learn how to pick level 2 and level 3 locks.

The Grand Staircase Second Wand Handle

Then, when you have access to the office (part of the story – namely, “The Polyjuice Plot” main quest), pick the side doors and head up to his study.

There, grab The Key of Admittance. This will give you access to that door, and the chest with this wand in.

2- In the Headmaster’s Office.

Grand Staircase Wand handle
all wand handles hogwarts legacy

3. The third wand was located at the Trophy Room.

The Grand Staircase Third Wand Handle
all wand handles hogwarts legacy

The Great Hall

The great hall has two wands available for players to find hidden.

The Great Hall Second Wand Handle
all wand handles hogwarts legacy

1- In the Kitchens, accessible by heading down the spiral staircase from the Grand Staircase Floo Flame and tickling the pear in a picture of fruit, not far from the Hufflepuff Barrels and Hufflepuff Common Room.

2- In a Level 1 locked room that you’ll find in the Great Hall itself, in the southwest corner of the hall.

Wand handle The Great Hall

The Library Annex

This location holds two wand handles, which can be located.

1- In the Restricted Section of the library in the Library Annex. While doing the main quest “Secrets of the Restricted Section,” When Peeves pops out, it’s behind you on a desk, in a chest.

The Library Annex Wand Handle
all wand handles hogwarts legacy

2- When you solve the puzzle on the bridge between the Library Annex and the Great Hall, you’ll find a wand underneath.

The South Wing

The south wing has three wand handles on offer, which can be found.

First Wand Handle in South Wing

Second Wand Handle in South Wing
all wand handles hogwarts legacy

On the bottom floor of the Faculty Tower (after coming from the One-Eyed Witch Passage), you’ll find a frog statue. Go directly ahead and down some stairs, and you’ll see it. Interact with it to jump into the frog’s mouth, and you’ll be spat out into a secret room with a Collection Chest inside.

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Second Wand Handle in South Wing

The Great Hall Clock Tower Courtyard
all wand handles hogwarts legacy

By the Jewel-Encrusted Tortoise Shell in the Faculty Tower, there’s a Level 3 locked door. Open it and take notice of the large fireplace in front of you.

Use the Glacius charm to put out the fire, crawl through the fireplace, and continue up some steps. The collection chest is in the room at the top.

Third Wand Handle in South Wing

Third Wand Handle in South Wing

One of the Clock Tower puzzle secret doors – Not the top puzzle door, but the one a floor down: it has two chests in it. This, and a Conjuration spellcraft.

And that concludes all the wands that can be found within the Hogwarts School grounds. Let’s move on to another area of the map.

Wand Handles That Can Be Found In The Highlands

North Ford Bog

This location has two wand handles hidden.

1- In the south part of Pitt-Upon-Ford, on the west side of the bottom bridge. Upstairs behind a level 3 lock.

2- In the Collection Chest, just north of the Pitt-Upon-Ford Floo Flame.

Hogsmeade Valley

Hogsmeade Valley also has two wand handles available.

1- In Dorothy Sprottle’s house, which can be located slightly north of the Floo Flame.

2- In the small shack to the east of the hamlet.

South Hogwarts Region

The South Hogwarts region offers four different wand handles for players to collect.

1- In a chest slightly north of Jalal Sehmi’s shop in Lower Hogsfield.

Jalal Sehmis shop Wand Handle
all wand handles hogwarts legacy

2- In the Aranshire, South Hogwarts Region, you’ll find another wand handle In the hut southeast of the Floo Flame, protected by a level 1 lock.

Aranshire Second Wand Handle
all wand handles hogwarts legacy

3- In Aranshire to the east of Mary Portman’s house, behind some rocks you need to destroy.

Aranshire Wand Handle
all wand handles hogwarts legacy

4- Visit Lower Hogsfield, South Hogwarts Region. You’ll find another wand handle by an overturned cart in the water to the south.

Lower Hogsfield Wand Handle
all wand handles hogwarts legacy

Hogwarts Valley

This location allows players to find four different wand handles.

1- Head to Brocburrow, Hogwarts Valley. In the house to the east, near the Floo Flame.

2- In the west of town, on top of a stone fire.

3- Over at Keenbridge, Hogwarts Valley. In the house to the south, just before the bridge. You must get past a level 1 lock.

4- Staying in Keenbridge, Hogwarts Valley, there’s a hut east of the trader where you can find another wand handle.

Feldcroft Region

The Feldcroft region has four wand handles up for grabs if players are looking to find them.

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1- In a small hut in the northwest of the village.

2- On the south side of a house on the east side of the village.

3- In the house over the road from the large windmill.

4- At the northwest edge of Irondale, at the top of the small river and waterfall. Northeast of the Jobberknoll Den.

Marunweem Lake

Marunweem Lake is another location that has wand handles on offer, if you know where to look, you should find two wands hidden.

1- In the north of the village, in a house on the stream.

2- On the east side of town, northeast of the Marunweem Floo Flame, higher than all the other houses.

Manor Cap

Manor Cape offers players the opportunity to acquire two more wand handles, which can be found.

1- Next to the vendor.

2- In a hut in the south of the hamlet where players must first get past a level 1 lock.


Cragcroftshire also has two more wand handles that players can add to their collection if they look.

1- In a house that is protected by a level 1 lock in the southeast of the village.

2- In another house, this time protected by a level 2 lock located in the same area.

That concludes our list of every wand handle that can be picked up from random areas on the map, however, this list only totals up to 37 out of the 42 wand handles that players can acquire in the game.

That is because there are an additional 5 wand handles that can only be gotten if you complete the quests listed below.

1- Checkerboard – Brown – Complete “Absconder Encounter”

2- Arrow – Black – Complete “Brother’s Keeper”

3- Avian-Grey – Complete “Flying Off The Shelves”

4- Orbicular – Violet – Complete “Gobs of Gobstones”

5- Column – Beige – Complete “E-Vase-Ive Manoeuvre”


There you have it that is every wand handle available in the Hogwarts Legacy game. Can you find them all without much hassle? For more relevant guides do check our Hogwarts Legacy guides section.

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