Faith Stat in Elden Ring and Ways to Improve It

Elden Ring Faith

What does faith do in Elden Ring? Elden Ring main aspect is faith, which enables you to cast incantations using seals. A certain number of levels in Faith are required to cast incantations through Sacred Seals, It’s also necessary for some Death and Thorn Sorceries. Elden Ring has 101 incantations, 31 more than the 70 sorcery rituals. They include various attacking spells, and utility incantations, including buffs, upgrades, and recovery. Runes can be used at Places … Read more

Escape from Tarkov: Nostalgia Quest Guide

Nostalgia tarkov

“Nostalgia” is a quest in Escape from Tarkov where players are required to retrieve a package of cigarettes from the “Old Road Gate” extraction point on the Customs map. The traders in Escape from Tarkov assign numerous quests to the player. They are one of the primary ways to level up because they provide significant … Read more

All Weapon Symbols in Darktide? Explained

darktide weapon symbols

The First-person shooter video game Darktide was created and released by Fatshark. Several weapons are featured in the game, each with a special symbol corresponding to its type and features. Sometimes the weapon symbol terminology becomes so disturbing to gamers as some of them see it as a big challenge. Today, we are going to … Read more

How to Overcome Long Load Time Issue in Darktide?

overcome long loading time in darktide

Have you ever finished loading? It takes a long time for The Darktide to load. Even the game disconnects you from the server, ending the loading page issue. The Darktide’s long loading time is a bigger issue for Gamepass subscribers. However, after completely reviewing the game, we have analyzed some factors that cause the darktide … Read more