Best Berserk’s Guts Build-In Elden Ring

The Soul series and, by extension, Elden Ring have attracted a huge audience through the work of the late Kentaro Miura. It is evident in its reference to the story of Berserk and its main character, the Black Swordsman – Guts.  

Many fans want to cosplay as Guts from the Berserk series to pay respects to one of their greatest influences. In this article, I have created a detailed guide on how you can create a powerful Guts Berserker build in the Elden Ring. 

Creating Gut Character in Elden Ring

Best Berserks Guts Build
guts build elden ring

The first step in making a Guts build from Berserk in the Elden ring is creating a character with the same likeness. The build will require a focus on three stats: Strength, Endurance, and Vigor. 

Guts are known for their resilience in battle in terms of endurance and vigor. Heath Pool will give players an advantage along with a stamina bar. You can choose 40 Endurance/ or vigor, then go to 60, and up to 80. 

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For strength, you will need a minimum of 31 to get the signature Greatsword. You can max it out at 80. Strength will give you the edge to deal a lot of damage. 

Gut Armor in Elden Ring 

The Gut has a lot of armor styles across the story, but there are three main armor sets that you should get your hands on: 

Blaidd Set

Berserk Blaidd’s armor directly inspires it. You will need to complete Ranni’s questline. Once it is completed, you will have the entire armor set. Wolf masks can be found in Three Sisters, behind Seluvis Rise. 

Night Cavalry Set

It is one of my favorite armor sets, as it resembles Black Swordsmen attire. It requires an unlocked section in the final areas of the game, the Consecrated Snowfield at the mountaintop of giants. Upon entering Consecrated Snowfield, you will need to rest at the first site of grace and wait for nightfall. Walk north until you reach a traveling caravan. Besides Giants, there are two Night’s Cavalry that you will need to slay to get the full armor set. 

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Maliketh Set

You will need to beat Maliketh to get this armor, the black blade, after finding Farum Azula. The set can then be bought at Enia in Round Table Hold. 

How To Get the Greatsword in Elden Ring?

The Greatsword can be found in Carlid in a broken-down wagon. Ride straight into Caelid from Limgrave and get this sword. This sword replicates the first sword that Gut uses in a major Golden Age arc. It has the highest base damage when upgraded to +25 and can be scaled to Tier-A weapons. 

This is all for this guide for more similar guides do check our Elden Ring guides section.

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