Best Closers for Pokemon Go Fantasy Cup: Ultra League edition

Turning the tide of battle falls on the shoulders of Closers in Pokemon Go Fantasy Cup: Ultra League edition. The last to appear in the competitive PvP battle, closing Pokemon requires a decent bulk and essentially fast-paced Charge Moves. Their impact depends on the number of Shields left with the opponent so make sure to go through the best Lead Pokemon for Fantasy Cup: Ultra League guide.

The Fantasy Cup is limited to Dragon-, Fairy-, and Fire-type Pokemon that have a CP of 2500 or less. Galarian Stunfisk and Cobalion are banned. While the choice of Switch Pokemon is entirely dependent on the type advantages and disadvantages, Closers need to be picked carefully based on the team’s requirements.

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Here are the best Closers for Pokemon Go Fantasy Cup: Ultra League edition.

#1. Togekiss (dual Fairy/Flying type Pokemon)

Quite a ‘Charmer’, Togekiss has good resistance and advantages against the commonly-used Dragon-type Pokemon in the endgame. The additional advantage is that its Charm Fast Move can chip away the opponent’s health in neutral matchups. Just keep Togekiss away from Steel-, Electric- and Rock-type attacks or Shield them whenever expected.

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Togekiss deals Super-Effective damage to Haxorus, Dragonite, Giratina, Kyurem, and aces neutral matchups like in versus with Excadrill and Empoleon. The flying fairy’s hard counters are Melmetal, Registeel, and Scizor.

#2. Melmetal (Steel-type Pokemon)

Destroy the opponent’s Fire-type Pokemon early and Melmetal will ensure you have a smooth sailing in the endgame. Due to its solid bulk, the Steek-type has good resistance to non super-effective hits that also allow it to build a powerful charge. Thunder Shock Quick Move combined with hard-hitting Charge Moves like Superpower or Flash Cannon ensure victory in Pokemon Go Fantasy Cup: Ultra League.

Unfortunately, not every trainer has Melmetal. Its previous form, Meltan, can be obtained from either Mystery Boxes or by completing the ‘Let’s Go Meltan’ Special Research. The Steel-type is hard countered by Excadrill and Heatran in the Pokemon Go Fantasy Cup: Ultra League edition.

#3. Sylveon (Fairy-type Pokemon)

The fairy Eevee-lution, Sylveon is useful in countering Togekiss due to its access to the Elite TMed Charged Move Psychock. It is also yet another ‘Charmer’, providing 20 base damage per hit with her Fast Move. Obtaining Sylveon is rather difficult, though, considering the fact that Eevee needs to earn 70 hearts as your Buddy Pokemon to unlock the Fairy-type evolution.

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