Passimian Pokemon Go: How To Get, debut, and moves

Passimian Pokemon Go: Niantic has released a bunch of new shiny forms/mega forms in the past few months but it is now time for the debut of a brand new pocket monster, Passimian. The black-and-white colored Alolan Pokemon featured in Pokemon Sun and Moon from where it gained popularity due to its remarkable bond with others of its kind.

Passimian, the Teamwork Pokemon, will make its debut during the Pokemon Go World Championships that begin on August 11 and end at August 15. Its shiny form won’t be available though. Other notable releases include Pikachu wearing a World Championships 2023 t-shirt and its shiny form, as well as Shiny Scraggy.

A part of Sword and Shield and Sun and Moon games, Passimian’s Go debut was a long time coming. Its counterpart, Oranguru, is available since April 2022. Here is how trainers can obtain the Teamwork Pokemon.

How To Get Passimian in Pokemon Go

passimian moveset
Passimian Pokemon Go

Trainers will have two ways to get Passimian during the Pokemon Go World Championships 2023 event. The first method requires a Raid Pass while the second requires them to complete a mission, although there has been no news on its details.

  • Passimian can be captured after defeating the Tier 3 Raid Boss during the event.
  • Passimian can be obtained from Field Research tasks during the event.
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Similar to the Pyschic-type Oranguru, the Fighting-type Passimian has no evolution.

Passimian Pokemon Go moveset and effectiveness

Passimian is a Fighting-type Pokemon which has a max CP of 3033 at Level 40. It boasts a solid max attack stat of 222, max defense of 160 and max HP of 225. The lemur-like ‘mon possesses a good bulk and could be a great starter in the Go Great League with the Counter Fast Move and Brick Break Charged Move applying Shield Pressure.

Rock Smash and Takedown aren’t the ideal Fast Moves due to their inability to provide STAB. Counter does less damage than Rock Smash as a Quick Move but has a higher energy generated per second (EPS) and damage per second (DPS). Charged Moves like Brick Break, Superpower and Close Combat fulfills a traditional Fighting-type role.

Passimian is weak to Flying-, Psychic-, and Fairy-type attacks. Moreover, it has limited coverage compared to other Fighters like Scraggy and Machamp. The Teamwork Pokemon can hold its own against Alolan Sandshrew, Obstagoon, and Hariyama but it does have its disadvantages in CP capped leagues due to the presence of Flying-types like Altaria and Skarmory.

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