RACMDX Da Hood Script Guide (2024)

RACMDX Da Hood Script Download: The newest Da Hood Script Mod is truly incredible, it can perform all tasks within da hood automatically, and you can become super Saiyan once Flying Mode and God Mode are enabled on this da hood mod script. 

If you are looking for some free cash and the Auto Farming features, then in this article you’ll get all working Roblox Da Hood Scripts that can be used now. Getting the working Roblox Da Hood Script is one thing, but knowing how to run it is quite another. So, we’ll also tell you how to execute the scripts in your game.

Roblox Da Hood: Overview

Da Hood Script GUI mod is a simple, user-friendly script that enables players to execute various tasks in the game. The game was developed by Blue Tea Games, and published by Big Fish Games Studio.

First off, if you have not played one of Dark Parables games, then I would suggest going back and playing the first one since these games are meant to be played in order.The Sandbox role-playing game Da Hood was created by Da Hood Entertainment.

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Players have the choice of either becoming an Officer or a Criminal in order to belong to a gang in the game, which is set in a gang subculture. The user base of the game has largely denounced the game’s toxic environment.

What are the features of Da Hood Script GUI?

Da Hood Script GUI mod is a tool that lets people mod in-game GUIs. The features of Da Hood Script GUI mod are Aim Lock, ESP mod, Auto Drop, Target people, Collect Item, Easy to Execute, Auto buy and Teleport.

The Aim Lock feature locks the aim of the player. The ESP mod feature is used to see the enemies through walls. The Auto Drop feature automatically drops an item on a target first when double-clicking it.

Target people break their weapon and health bar by clicking them once and collecting item will give you their weapon and health bar by clicking them twice.

Easy to Execute lets you quickly execute commands through a tab or menu buttons and the auto-buy button lets you purchase items without having to go back to your inventory. So, by looking at this, the features of the Da Hood Script GUI mod are as follows:

  • Aim Lock: The player can set and forget their aim without any manual adjustment.
  • ESP mod: A mod that enables the player to use ESP without having to equip it.
  • Auto Drop: Automatically drops any items collected by the player.
  • Target people: Locks on a target and automatically shoots your weapon at them.
  • Collect Item: Collects all the items from a specific type of monster or NPC in your field of view.
  • Easy to Execute: You do not have to equip different scripts for different tasks and can execute them through one script.
  • Auto buy, Teleport and God mode are also there.
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racmdx da hood script download
racmdx da hood script download

Roblox Da Hood Scripts Mod

Infinite Cash

_G.Cash = “$999,777,771” –make sure to add the “,” and the “$” at the front or it wont work. EX : $9,000

game:GetService(“Players”).LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.MainScreenGui.MoneyText.Text = _G.Cash

game:GetService(“Players”).LocalPlayer.Backpack.Wallet.Handle.BillboardGui.TextLabel.Text = _G.Cash

game:GetService(“Players”).LocalPlayer.Backpack.Wallet.Handle.BillboardGui.TextLabel.Value = _G.Cash

KittenHook + Crypteder.lua

local gui=game:GetObjects(“rbxassetid://9508671684”)[1]do local frame=gui.Frame frame.KittenWare.MouseButton1Down:Connect(function()gui:Destroy()loadstring((game:HttpGet(“https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CryptedScripts/script/main/2”,true)))()end)frame.Spectre.MouseButton1Down:Connect(function()gui:Destroy()loadstring((game:HttpGet(“https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CryptedScripts/script/main/4”,true)))()end)end if syn then syn.protect_gui(gui)gui.Parent=game:GetService(“CoreGui”)elseifgethui then gui.Parent=gethui()end

Silent Aim & Aimlock

loadstring(game:HttpGet(“https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EliasAtto1/BeamedWare/main/BeamedWare”, true))()

God Mode


Collect Items

local library = loadstring(game:HttpGet(“https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zekgt/LuaScripts/main/UI_Libraries/Wally/library.lua”))()

local window = library:CreateWindow(“da hood”)

local f1 = window:CreateFolder(“h***556”)

localitemPath = game.Workspace.Ignored.ItemsDrop

localcf = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart

f1:Button(“collect shit”, function()

fori,v in pairs(itemPath:GetChildren()) do

ifv.Name == “Part” then

cf.CFrame = v.CFrame





Auto Farm, Aim Lock & God Mode




Money & Auto Farm


How to Execute the Da Hood Script?

Purchase a trustworthy and virus-free Roblox exploit and/or script executors, such as Krnl, Synapse, or JJSPloit.

Then, while still in the Da Hood world, open the script executor, copy and paste any of your scripts into the space provided, and press the Execute/Inject button. Additionally, if you want specific instructions, take the following steps:-

  • To run scripts, download any Roblox Executor.
  • Minimize the game’s settings by going there.
  • Run the Executor normally.
  • The Roblox Client can be accessed by clicking Inject.
  • The complete script should be downloaded, copied, and then pasted into the code area of the Executor.
  • Click on the Execute option.
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