How You Can Play Subnautica as Multiplayer (2024) Guide

Subnautica is one of the best video games that are based on open-world survival however this game did come with a Multiplayer option as a build-in when it was released.

Players waiting to see if the developers of Subnautica the Unknown Worlds Entertainment will add this multiplayer or co-op into the game in future. But until now there is no Multiplayer feature available in Subnautica.

No, the game came as default for multiplayer gaming. But there is a way to play Subnautica in multiplayer mode.

Here in this short guide, we are going to explain how you can able to play Subnautica as multiplayer with your friends or family members without having a hassle.

How To Play Subnautica as a Multiplayer?

The gamer known as the Sunrunner37 who is also a developer created a Mod that allows you to play Subnautica as a Multiplayer here we are going to explain how you can use this mod in order to play multiplayer in Subnautica.

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But there is a catch about using this Mod, As we know this is a fan-made Mod and not an official mod so there are some limitations to using this mod. Only PC users can able to use this mod in order to play Subnautica in multiplayer.

If you’re a PC gamer and want to know how you can use this mod then keep reading.

What is Nitrox Mod?

The Nexus Mods user known by the name Sunrunner37 has developed the Nitrox Mod that allows players to play Subnautica as multiplayer.

This mod can only work for PC which means this mod works with Steam and Epic Games Store versions of Subnautica and if you’re playing Subnautica through a gaming console such as PS4 then you cannot able to play as multiplayer.

This mod is open source and its means there are some bugs and issues with this mod you can join Nitrox Discord Channel to connect with other users if you come across any issues with Nitrox in future.

Firstly you need to download this Mod called Nitrox mod from its official website on your PC. Once you’ve downloaded this mod on your PC simply installed it on your prefer disk or folder.

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How To Use Nitrox Mod To Play Subnautica as Multiplayer?

subnautica multiplayer
Subnautica Multiplayer

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to download and install the Nitrox Mod.

1. Download the Nitrox Mod from its official website then simply extract the zip file to the folder.

2. Now go to the Folder and simply right on the NitroxLauncher.exe and choose “Run as Administrator.”

3. If there is a prompt message box, select “Run the Application” Now the Launcher will open to access.

4. Go to Settings and simply change the location to the folder where you’ve installed the Subnautica. Basically, if you download Subnautica from Epic Games then there will be a folder named Epic Games folder on the Program Files on C Disk.

5. In order to create your own server to play with your friend. Go to the Server option, from the Launcher.

6. If want to play with friends or family members from different locations. Then copy the IP address from the bottom and follow this guide for Port Forwarding by the Nitrox.

7. Once all settings are complete, go to the launcher and hit the Play Multiplayer button. After this you’ll be redirected to the game.

8. In Subnautica main menu, simply tap on the Multiplayer button in order to connect with the local server. After this tell your friend to connect to the server the pressing the “Add server IP” button and filling your server information into the Nitrox.

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Video Guide To Install Nitrox


Currently, the Nitrox Mod is the only option to play Subnautica as a Multiplayer for PC users. According to the Nitrox, you can add 100 players to the game using this mod you better try this out with your friends.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Subnautica as a Multiplayer with complete information.

Can I Play Subnautica as a Multiplayer on PS4/Xbox?

No, Subnautica does not support the Multiplayer option for the game consoles until now and the same goes for PC users. However, PC users can use Nitrox Mod in order to play Subnautica as multiplayer.

Can I Play Subnautica as a multiplayer on PC?

The answer is a bit confusing, the basic version of Subautica does not support the Multiplayer option. However, you can use Nitrox Mod on PC in order to play Subnautica as multiplayer.

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