How to Play Subnautica Multiplayer (2022)

Is subnautica multiplayer?

No, the game came as default for multiplayer gaming. But Yes you can easily play Subnautica Multiplayer using the Mod. Subnautica and its sequel are great games below zero. The stories, beautiful landscapes, awesome monsters and a good pace are intriguing.

However, what is missing is both Below Zero and Subnautica. With multiplayer, basic building competitions, Reaper Leviathans teamwork and tonnes of other cool things that could not even be dreamed of in solo mode.

The Mod That Makes It Happen

While I don’t think multiplayer is a great idea for your first performance, because Subnautica is part of its wonderful beauty to discover new places out of the blue and experience the monster first-hand, playing with your friends can make a second performance or server very entertaining just to build cool bases.

Subnautica Multiplayer

Although Subnautica isn’t designed for multiplayer, several genius fans have developed the Nitrox mod.

The first thing you want to do is download the current mod when you decide to start a multiplayer server. Go to this link to the right of your screen and click on the download button.

Running the Programs

You should open the Hamachi installer once both are downloaded. After it’s up and running, the top-left button called System allows you to create a Hamachi account. When this happens, navigate through a Network tab, click “New Network Create” and enter your server name and password.

Nitrox Mod

You have to download and run the Nitrox the next thing. Nitrox is likely to be inserted into a zipped folder to open it like Winrar. Click on the “Nitrox Launcher” file in the folder to extract files back to your desktop.

Creating A Server With Nitrox

When the launcher is open, left-click on the Server, then hit the “Start Server” button. The programme runs for a while, then spreads a bunch of code on you, but basically, you can ignore it. After finishing, click on the Multiplayer Play tab and browse the main tab.

Getting An IPV4 Address

The next step will be to make your server joinable once Subnautica is actually opened. To do so, you’ll need your IPV4 address which you’d think is much easier to find.

A search bar should be located at the bottom left corner of your screen. Type “Command Prompt” or “CMD” and then click it. Once the command prompt is open, type “ipconfig” is all you have to do. This will give you plenty to understand or not, but the IPV4 address is the most important bit.

Give Your Friends The Server IP

We are on the final stretch, don’t worry, people. The next thing to do is copy this IPV4 address and give it to anyone who is interested in joining the server. What you are supposed to do is enter the launcher in Subnautica, click “Add Server IP” and then type in that IPV4. All you have to do is run the server once that is done.

Step By Step Guide To Install Nitrox

The Gameplay Changes

The gameplay will look very like the single player game itself. You will begin in the shallows with a lifespod, but this time other survivors will be with you. The game and mechanics remain unchanged.

Gameplay Conceptual

However, there are several conceptual factors that change how you play multiplayer. Food and water will be much more important for one thing. The more people you put in the same ocean, the harder it is to store all the stock of fish.

Resources will be much more scarce as well. The map is normally intended for one person and resources are developed for one person to produce the basic tools. This means that resources are smartly set so you need to explore them more far and wide, as the game decides you need them.


However, you’ll have to search for all these materials a lot more if you have four people all in need of scanners, housing developers, propulsion guns and seaglides.

The sea glide, for example, requires 3 Copper Clusters, 4 Acid Shrubs, 1 Titanium, 5 Shrubs. In general, a fast scan of the shallows allows you to quickly find these, but these numbers increase quite rapidly in multiplayer.


Another point is that even if the host isn’t on it, this server will run full time, which means that time passes throughout the world. This isn’t usually a deal, except when the Sunbeam landing is triggered. When the 30-minute schedule begins and everyone leaves, the timepiece continues, so you miss the Sunbeam landing.

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Nitrox is the only way to play Subnautica with friends right now. The Nitrox Modis developer however has agreed and will probably be updated again. It is one of Subnautica’s best mods and allows Subnautica to play a couple dozen or more additional hours.