Subnautica Below Zero Map: Guide (September 2022)

This is an ultimate guide based on Subnautica Below Zero Map with complete information.

All coords Thousands of people have been looking for the Subnautica Below Zero world map, and if you’re one of them, look no further as we’ve got you covered. If you want new adventures, you don’t have to go far in the Subnautica Below Zero Map.

If you want to reach the final stage in Subnautica Below Zero, you must find and explore every shipwreck. Here’s the guide to finding the location of every shipwreck in Subnautica Below Zero, including the exact coordinates of the bow, stern, and propeller segments.

Subnautica Below Zero: An Introduction

Most of this game is pure exploration; even if you know exactly what you’re looking for and what biome it’s in, it might take a few more minutes to find what you need or where you need to go.

To help you get your bearings, this guide will use biome descriptions and relative distance, heading, and compass depth to find valuable things to help you on your journey. But they are, so if you go on some risky exploration and die, you might lose something precious, and if you don’t remember where you were, it’s gone.

If you found wreckage with a broken door panel but left a repair tool at the base, these distances will serve as coordinates to help you find your way back. If you need to remember where certain assets are, release the beacon when you find them, you can name the beacon and hide it until you need it.

Getting a compass ahead of time can also help if you’re not the type to leave breadcrumbs everywhere and remember general directions well, especially if you don’t have a lighthouse and stumble upon something you’ll need to get back to. You’ll soon find a compass diagram at Subnauticas, and it’s essential to get your bearings.

This page contains coordinates used to locate points of interest in Sector Zero and maps used to track other things such as biomes, resources, fauna, etc. This post includes subnautica points below zero, including alien bases, friendly bases, alien artifacts, cave entrances, Leviathan spawn, geysers, PDAs, data blocks, and sea monkey nests.

How to use the Coordinates?

Suppose you find something exciting or finish exploring a particular wreck, press F1 and write down those coordinates so you can come back to them later. If you are using the guide to try and find something but want to get there on your own, you can use the coordinates you find at that location.

Using coordinates can be an effective way to locate a point of interest. If you’re stuck and consult the wiki, you can use these coordinates to find what you’re looking for. Using map coordinates, you can navigate to any location you’re looking for, such as bases, caves, biome entrances, Leviathan spawns, and even other locations.

Get full maps and coordinates for architect bases, data blocks, biomes, and other points of interest with our sub-zero interactive world map. Check out our interactive subzero world map for architects’ bases, data frames, and various other points of interest.

Architect bases, data frames, and other points of interest allow you to quickly find architect bases across the vast blue planet.

subnautica below zero map
subnautica below zero map

List of Subnautica Below Zero all coords:

Here we will show you a complete map of the region and how to get there. Because the map and full coordinates are updated regularly, the coordinates on this page are likely to be incorrect. Since there is no Subnautica map in the game, you will need to make some notes yourself.

The game has a map that you can find that will give you a general idea of where the land and some buildings are, but it’s only suitable for very general directions.

Architect Bases

Coordinates Site -1011 21 720

Arctic Spires Cache -634 -194 -413

Sanctuary Zero entrance Coordinates Site -551 -199 -488

Sanctuary Zero cave entrance 545 -807 -649

Crystal Caves Cache 541 -619 -1099

Deep Lilypads Cave Cache -37 26 524

Architect Phase Gate Facility 1214 -945 -302

Fabricator Base Alterra Locations

Coordinates Site -1185 17 -686

Phi Robotics Center -1315 42 -730

Glacial Bay Bridge -590 -33 25

Alterra Corporation tech site Coordinates Site 113 -32 -12

Alterra Corporation tech site -131 -55 -175

Alterra Corporation tech site -125 3 -198

Alterra Corporation tech site -371 -171 -318

Alterra Corporation tech site -250 -124 -245

Alterra Corporation tech site -249 43 -779

Delta Station -72 9 301

Outpost Zero -130 -3 -572

Delta Island dock 554 -191 -1050

Omega Lab -1604 19 -822

Parvan’s Bunker Independent Structures

Coordinates Site 998 30 -873

Marguerit’s Greenhouse 102 -366 -922

Marguerit Maida’s Base 0 -451 -1118

Marg Techsite Data Boxes

Coordinates Site 107 -33 -9

Beacon 253 -137 -420

Booster Tank 0 -451 -1118

Booster Tank 225 -103 -620

Control Room -114 14 -330

Control Room Coordinates Site 546 -202 -1055

Control Room -97 -296 -644

Headlamp -253 -124 -250

High Capacity O₂ Tank -294 -151 -778

Moonpool -371 -171 -318

Rebreather -261 41 -771

Scanner Room -197 -273 -707

Scanner Room -1515 11 -1038

Snowfox Hop Module -1096 61 332

Snowfox Ice Worm Attack Reduction Module 48 -410 -870

Stillsuit 550, -202, -1075

Swim Charge Fins Coordinates Site -966 68 -84

Thumper -1337 38 -265

Thumper Biomes

Coordinates Site -381 -95 -818

Alterra Mining Site entrance -1399 10 -911

Glacier exit pool -1025 -159 -782

Glacier cave entrance -762 11 -195

Ice Sheet entrance -710 4 -161

Ice Sheet entrance -620 4 -109

Ice Sheet entrance -423 -166 -836

Crystal Caves entrance -62 -284 -996

Crystal Caves entrance 293 -163 -504

Crystal Caves entrance -388 -198 -348

Deep Twisty Bridges entrance -348 -197 -351

Deep Twisty Bridges entrance -300 -204 -328

Long trench of Deep Twisty Bridges entrances -257 -4 141

End of the tunnel from Research Base Zero Leviathan Spawns

Coordinates Site -47 -254 -1146 Ventgarden -100 -326 -1423

Ventgarden -140 -104 -1065

Chelicerate spawn point 32 -240 -1162

Chelicerate spawn point 265 -44 -428

Chelicerate spawn point 327 -169 -988

Sea Emperor Leviathan Juvenile spawn point 412 -155 -864

Sea Emperor Leviathan Juvenile spawn point 671 -120 -1204

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Subnautica Below Zero Map with complete information.

Can you get a map in Subnautica: Below Zero?

When hiking up the island, you’ll come across a small base at some time. If you enter the first complex on your left, just after the door, you’ll see this map on the right wall.

Is Subnautica map bigger than Below Zero?

It’s a lot denser and deeper terrain, with plenty of caves to explore. In Below Zero, there are even a few polar biomes above sea level with more to accomplish than the islands from the first game. In comparison to the earlier game, Subnautica: Below Zero has a better overall flow.

What is the deepest you can go in Subnautica: Below Zero?

Those who want to see what lurks at the game’s darkest depths will ultimately reach the World Edge biome, which is Subnautica Below Zero’s deepest point. Players can go down 1,000 meters below sea level at the deepest places.

How many Chelicerates are in Below Zero?

In Subnautica: Below Zero, the Chelicerate (pronounced “keh-li-ser-ate”) is an aggressive leviathan class fauna species. On Planet 4546B, there are four Chelicerates in Sector Zero and three Void Chelicerates on the outskirts of the sector.

Is Subnautica: Below Zero better than Subnautica?

When it comes to establishing the seabase, players have many more options than in Subnautica. There are a number of new and mysterious animals to find in Below Zero. The creators were able to take every element and refine it for a more immersive experience thanks to the capabilities of next-generation platforms.

This is the end of this short guide.

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