Meeting Place Map Elden Ring: Key Location, Guide

This is an ultimate guide based on Meeting Place Map Elden Ring. For unknown players, Elden ring can be described as a 2022 action role-playing game called Elden Ring was created by From Software The game was initially released by Bandai Namco Entertainment

A single playing of Elden Ring takes an average of 44 hours, according to the total time required to finish the game. But this is only the amount of time required to finish the game’s primary plot. If we talk further things then for an average player the time duration taken will be around 70 hours to explore The Lands Between, complete all of the optional bosses, and finish the side missions. This, in comparison to most games, is a really long amount of time.

Elden Ring is one of the most popular video games with critical acclaim on par with that of venerable titles like Breath of the Wild or Skyrim. The game Elden Ring was immediately praised as an exceptional video gaming experience and was loved by the players as well.

meeting place map elden ring

What is the meeting place in Elden ring?

If you’re an Elden Ring player and you’re wondering what the Meeting Place Map is, it’s important to know that it’s a key item. This item’s purpose is to point the player toward the Academy Glint Stone Key.

Academy Glint Stone Key

Like this significant item, there are various more Key Things in Elden Ring that are used to open places and missions and advance the game’s plot. These items can be found in specified locations or are handed to you by relevant NPCs.

What is the use of the meeting place map in the Elden ring?

The location of the magic key is specified on the Meeting Place map in Elden Ring. After you get the Meeting place map with the help of it you can now locate the key which opens the locked gate because you now have the map.

Where can you get the meeting place map in the Elden ring?

After navigating the security at the southern gate of the Academy of Raya Lucaria, you will arrive at a larger gate that will be shrouded in blue fog and serve or resemble a magical symbol. Now proceed to the front of the gate. There is a corpse holding a map of the meeting place right in front of the entrance.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Elden Ring, how can I access the meeting location map?

The Meeting Place Map may be found by having the players check the Key Items area of their inventory. When you click on this item, a map with the selected place red-circled appears.

Where can I get a meeting map in the Elden ring game?

If you wish to get the meeting place map in the Elden ring game then try to look for the Raya Lucaria Academy is not far from the Meeting Place Map in Liurnia. After that Players will locate a large gate with a mystical blue seal on it at the South Raya Lucaria Gate. There is a body with the Meeting Place Map on it directly in front of the seal, on the left side.

What is the process of using the Meeting place map in the Elden ring?

The players may access the Meeting Place Map by going to the Key Items area of their inventory and selecting it from there, IF you desire to utilise it. When you click on this item, a map with the selected place red-circled appears. You should be aware of this place as soon as you see it since here is where players can locate the Academy Glintstone Key that unlocks the blue barrier and allows them to pass through.

Where can I find the Glintstone key?

In Elden ring the Glintstone Academy Key is on a dead sorcerer’s body which can be found directly behind the dragon. As soon as you get the key now quickly return to the South Raya Lucaria Gate and use it to open the barrier to enter the Raya Lucaria Academy.

Should you sell the Glintstone key?

He will ask you for a Glintstone Key in addition to your spells when you are selling them, and he will also make it clear that he is patient and ready to wait. Considering the significance of the Glintstone key A Glintstone Key is also required to enter the Raya Lucaria Academy, making a total of two Glinstone Keys necessary.

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