Nier Replicant: Mermaid Tear Guide (September 2022)

Nier Replicant players can learn how to complete the Gem’s Strange Fate side quest and what the choices they make have. This Strange Destiny guide to the Neil Replicant Ver.1.224 Gem quest will show you what to do with the Mermaid Tear.

Each side quest requires the player to complete a specific task, which will help them complete the story faster and provide them with many different rewards in Nier Replicant.

Nier Replicant: Overview

Nier: Replicant is a cinematic action RPG that features full voice acting and an epic plot and was initially released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2010.

This game has a beloved cult following, despite its initial commercial failure. It was created by the studio Cavia (which is now defunct) and directed by Taro Yoko. The plot is set in the not-too-distant future, where humanity is on the brink of extinction.

It revolves around the events after protagonist 2 B’s mission to eliminate hostile machines on Earth and her journey with 9S, who has been assigned to investigate one of her old missions that had gone awry.

What is the Mermaid tear?

The Mermaid Tear is a cosmetic item obtained by exchanging special items with NPCs in the game. The Mermaid Tear can be used to update various features of your character, and it also has a skill point, which you can use to learn skills that cannot be learned through other methods.

The Mermaid Tear is a rare item that you can only get from the Sea Witch. It’s not about luck or chance because there are specific actions that will guarantee you are getting it. Mermaid Tears are a rare item that you can only obtain from the Sea Witch.

They’re not about luck; they’re all about strategy. Here’s what to do if you want one!

How to get the Mermaid Tear?

The Strange Fate of the Gem in Nier Replicant’s side quest Nier Replicant will give you a precious mermaid tear and let you decide what to do with it. The Mermaid tear is an item in the game that you can find by exploring a specific underwater location called “Aquamarine Coast”.

So, you may be wondering how much of an impact would this have on those who are still playing the game? It may be hard to say anything for sure, but it would make some people more motivated to continue exploring and looking for new places.

The game gives players a hint that they need to explore the area to find the item. There are many ways to get the mermaid tear, but it is not easy to find one that works for you.

It would help if you found a way that suits your needs and your budget. Some people use fishing nets or harpoons to catch the mermaids, while others use boats or submarines. It is used to make potions that can heal any wound.

nier mermaid tear
nier mermaid tear

How to use the Mermaid Tear in Nier Replicant?

If the player decides to bury the gem, they will not receive any rewards for completing the quest. If players decide to believe the story of the Harbor Woman and hand her the gem, they will be rewarded with 10,000 gold.

If you bury precious mermaid tears in memory of a woman, you won’t get gold. You can bury a gem for a woman, but it won’t give you anything in return.

Burying a mermaid’s tear does not provide a reward but does provide a more profound sense of completing some games and other side missions. If you choose to keep the jewels, you can sell them for a similar profit of 10,000 gold.

You can gift a Mermaid Tear in Nier Replicant to the woman who hired you to find it, bury it with the Lighthouse Master, or keep it and sell it.

You can gift the rare gem he inherited to the woman who hired you to find it, bury it with the Lighthouse Master, or keep it for yourself and sell it. You can then sell it, give it to a woman, or bury it with Yona.

The client will pay you if you give him a precious mermaid tear, and you will also find out that it is the granddaughter of the person who sent the mermaid tear to the woman in the first place.

If you decide to give the Mermaid’s Tear to the jeweller, he will be glad that he finally returned the family heirloom. The woman who hired you will be shocked that the rare gem she inherited cannot be returned to her, and the waterfront postman will not be blocked.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Nier mermaid tear with complete information.

What do I do with the mermaid tear in Nier?

The jewel turned out to be a family heirloom, and they were devastated to discover it was vanished. If you deliver the Mermaid Tear to the jeweler, she’ll be relieved to have found her family’s long-lost relic. She’ll give you 10,000 gold as a reward for your efforts.

Where is the mermaid tear Nier?

Log of the quest. A woman dressed in orange in Seafront’s harbor wants you to find the Mermaid Tear, a treasure. Look for leads along the Seafront. To get to the post office, follow the trail of letters.

How do you get into Nier Replicant mermaid?

Simply follow the major plot missions and you’ll end up at the shipwreck just off the beach’s edge. To enter, travel to the far end of the room and look for a hole that has been plugged by debris. If you go inside, you’ll be able to explore the ship while simultaneously trying to locate the missing Seafront residents.

Where do you get logs in Nier?

Logs can be acquired at Nier’s village’s Material Shop NPC. He can be found in the above-mentioned area. Although logs can be found in Southern Plains gathering spots, they’re rather scarce, so you’re better off buying them instead.

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