Call of Duty: Cold War Poison Cabinet Code

A poisonous mixture is stored in the cabinet within the Desperate Measures mission, but to be able to access its contents you need a 6-digit number passcode. It is not really that difficult to find the passcode, you just need to focus on your objective.

In the following article, I will tell you how to unlock the all of Duty: Cold War poison cabinet code and passcode which you need to get access to contents inside the cabinet.

How to find the Call of Duty: Cold War poison cabinet code?

cold war poison cabinet code
Image via Activision

If you don’t want to go into any details of finding the passcode, then let me make it easy for you. The call of duty cold war poison cabinet code is 167560. 

This puzzle also has a fixed solution just like other Call of duty mission puzzles so no need to tire yourself by looking for it. Here in this guide, I will show you the clues you need to look for to solve the puzzle.

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Access The Computer

cod cold war poison cabinet code
Image via Activision

First you need to get access to Kravchenko’s room to log in to his computer, to get the code. Connect to Kravchenko’s computer and go through the Nova 6 Entry 2 journal entry. When you will start reading it, you will notice that there is some orange highlighted text written.

It is for precautionary purposes as the contents and mixture stored in the cabinet can be fatal or cause horrible symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and coughing.

call of duty cold war poison code
Image via Activision

The page lists three chemicals: The three chemicals which are written there are 

  • S: Sulfur
  • Nd: Neodymium
  • Re: Rhenium

You can find the listed elements on the periodic table mounted behind the wall and pen down the numbers of each element. You will observe that the numbers noted down make up the passcode as Re (Rhenium) is 75, S (Sulphur) is 16, and Nd (Neodymium) is 60.

Walk to the Cold War poison cabinet, enter the code and take out the Nova-6 Poison to complete the puzzle.

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