Can Ponyta be Shiny in Pokemon Go

Ponyta has two gorgeous shiny forms in Pokemon GO. In the mobile game, both Galarian Ponyta and the original Pocket Monster have a sparkly form. Both shiny variants of Ponyta are highly desired by Pokemon GO trainers, therefore gamers of the game are eager to learn how to acquire them. Here are the best methods for catching both shiny Ponytas.

How to get a shiny Ponyta in Pokemon GO

shiny ponyta pokemon go
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Shiny Galarian Ponyta

Because Galarian Ponyta will be appearing in Research Breakthrough encounters for the whole month of May, your chances of meeting this shiny are higher than those of the blue shining counterpart.

While this does not significantly boost one’s chances of getting a shiny Galarian Ponyta, it does raise chances somewhat due to the guaranteed encounters. 

Fortunately, the shiny Galarian Ponyta will stay in Pokemon GO after the other challenge awards have expired. Of course, finding the shiny form will require a lot of Ponyta searching for a trainer.

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The only way to increase one’s chances of capturing these gleaming Ponytas is to encounter as many as possible or to hope that Niantic holds another event featuring them in the near future.

Blue Shiny Ponyta

The technique of catching a shiny blue Ponyta in Pokemon GO is rather basic. Unfortunately, this also implies that there aren’t many ways to increase one’s chances of encountering the shiny form of the original Ponyta.

Ponyta spawns more frequently when the weather is sunny. The only method to boost a player’s chances of discovering a shining Ponyta is to view the moon more often in the wild.

As a result, seeking for Ponyta on bright days is the only way a trainer may locate its shiny variant. There you have it about shiny ponyta as I’ll see you in the next article.

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