Mega Rayquaza Pokemon Go Raid Boss Guide

As August approaches, Pokemon Go players are all set to take on the ‘Sky High’ legendary beast. Mega Rayquaza will be making its debut during the Pokemon Go Fest 2023 event. The dual Dragon/Flying might not be the M.V.P in the Master League due to its speed but it does have some serious attack power and bulk.

Raquaza will be available as a Tier 5 Raid Boss globally on August 27 during Pokemon Go Fest 2023: Global! event. A Short Research story will also get unlocked for trainers to understand the concept of Meteorites. Besides other rewards, they can get additional Meteorites to evolve Raquaza into Mega Rayquaza by purchasing an event ticket.

For those seeking to obtain the dragon before the global release, they can participate in the Mega Raids during the Go Fest 2023.

However, they won’t earn Meteorites for doing so. Mega Rayquaza will first be available to only those trainers who have purchased the Go Fest ticket for $14.99 USD (or the currency equivalent to your country) and attend the event in person to participate in the Raid.

Ticketholders will get a special Research story that awards them more Meteorites, apart from the Mega Raids, helping them develop Rayquaza into its Mega form.

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Mega Rayquaza  Pokemon Go
Mega Rayquaza Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO Fest 2023 dates and locations

The first two legs of the Pokemon Go Fest 2023 event will happen simultaneously in London, England, and Osaka, Japan. Two weeks later, it will be held in New York, USA.

  • London and Osaka: August 4-6, 2023
  • Randall’s Island Park and throughout New York City: August 18-20, 2023

Mega Rayquaza will debut exclusively at these locations before going global. Obviously, it isn’t the only reward for the Pokemon Go Fest. Ticketholders can also obtain Diancie through Special Research missions and Carbink, hailed as the new meta for Great/Ultra Leagues, through a Timed Research quest between June 21 and July 5.

How to evolve Rayquaza into Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon Go?

Rayquaza will need to learn a specific Charged Move named ‘Dragon Ascent’ to Mega Evolve in Pokemon Go. This is where Meteorites come into play. A certain number of Meteorites are required to make Rayquaza learn Dragon Ascent after which it can Mega Evolve by using Mega Energy. Listing the whole process:-

  • Complete Special Research tasks to collect Meteorites
  • Use Meteorites to teach Rayquaza the Charged Attack Dragon Ascent
  • Collect Mega Energy from 5-Star Mega Rayquaza Pokemon Go Raids
  • Mega Evolve Rayquaza with Mega Energy from the character panel
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According to a data mine, a maxed-out Mega Rayquaza will boast a staggering Attack of 389, Defense of 216, and HP of 233, with a total Combat Power of 6827.

Mega Rayquaza Raid Boss stats and weaknesses

Since it is a Dragon- and Flying-type Pokemon, Rayquaza is weak to Dragon, Fairy, and Rock moves but especially weak to Ice-type attacks. The Raid Boss will have a massive 49808 CP but it can be easily countered by Ice Pokemon like Mamoswine, Weavile, Articuno, and Jinx.

Ice Beam, Glaciate, Avalanche, and Blizzard are some of the Charged Moves that must be TMed in a Pokemon before battling Raquaza. When defeated, trainers will encounter Rayquaza in the following CP range:-

  • Lvl 20 with no weather boost: 2102 – 2191 CP
  • Lvl 25 with Windy weather: 2627 – 2739 CP

Shiny Rayquaza is going to be available in Pokemon Go following its debut in August.

Bonuses attached to Rayquaza Mega evolution

There are two bonuses attached to Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon Go.

  • When Rayquaza is Mega Evolved, players will get additional XP, Candy, and an increased chance of obtaining Candy XL after catching Flying, Dragon, or Psychic-type Pokemon.
  • Mega Rayquaza boosts the attack of other Pokemon in the battle party while attacking in Gyms. Additionally, it will grant a 2X boost if the other ‘mons either use Flying, Dragon, or Psychic-type moves.
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All things considered, the quest for Mega Rayquaza will be extremely grindy but worth the hustle because of its resourcefulness in PvP and Gym Battles.

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