Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot Quest Guide

One of the most well-known places in Limgrave, Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot is not actually close to the tree. The reason for this is that the tree has been used as a host for an Ulcerated Tree Spirit who takes residence with any dead body brought to her. You’ll get a Fringefolk hero’s grave chariot quest guide in this article. So, read the article throughout.

What is Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot?

Grave of Fringefolk Hero can be spot in Elden Ring, Limgrave. It is near the Ulcerated Tree Spirit and hosts a corpse that has been chewed on by animals. The location is situated at the edge of the red zone in Elden Ring, which has been shielded for centuries from anything that might harm it.

There is a graveyard with a couple of weapons that can be found around the grave. One of these weapons is the Stonesword Key. It might be in the grave because when it was used to remove graves from the ground, it was struck by lightning and stopped working, resulting in its buried location.

Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot

How to Complete Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot?

In the beginning zone, near the Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace, you will notice the Imps Signet, which requires Stonesword Keys. When you descend on the right, you will stand behind the first Imp, who may fail to notice you, thus allowing you to stab him.

When you get down, there are two imps waiting for you down in the little corridor Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot, which you can kill quickly, one at a time. One is waiting near the back of the room, while the other one will fall from the ceiling as soon as you are close enough.

There, you will meet two spirits, one carrying a sword shield, and one carrying a crossbow, at the first nook to your right. As you make your way down, you may be able to find Glovewort from Grave in an alcove to your left, but once again, watch out for the Spectral Troopers that lurk around this area.

Head down and take a left, Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot but continue to sprint up the next hill to an alcove, because the massive mech wagons will later switch onto that hill instead, so they could easily take you out of a backward position if you do not go quickly. When the Chariot starts going up again, fall out the wall opening and immediately begin running downhill until you hit the bridge.

To avoid enemies in more places, drop down and shift right, then sprint down to the next hill to the nook, where a massive Chariot will instead be moving to that hill.

Keep heading down, the poisoned corridor, avoiding chariots and Phantoms and imps from Castle Guardians, until you reach a section where the path is tight. Drop to the floor of the Scions chamber, and you can walk the dungeon backward and forwards until you get to the balcony that looks out onto the Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot path.

Now, you can walk along the Chariots path to a room containing a Spirit of a Banished Knight and the Seal of the Dragon Communion for casting spells, then head towards the Ulcerated Tree spirit boss.

Now you can drop back and either sprint uphill towards the boss or go to the hallway to get a strong Erdtree Great bow, as well as kill the chariots of the dungeon, although you will need a bow to do so. Ultimately, it is easier to study and avoid dungeon boss attacks, as long as you can keep yourself out of the firing line (literally).

Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot Quest Guide

Given how little damage you take, the Spirit of the Agony may not be too powerful for you to tackle this dungeon straight off. Those that grab a Key to Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot early on may challenge the Ulcerated Spirit of Trees straight away, though you should realize.

It might be pretty challenging unless you have some Souls Series experience. You can still try your hand at this challenge if you pick up the Stonesword Key on the list of heirlooms in Elden Rings early on in the game.

If you came here early on in your journey and cannot seem to get any dents in the boss HP bars of the dungeon, return once you level it up some more to get a little easier.

When things start happening, try and move away from the spirit as much as you can before they finally burst. When preparing to battle, it is important to note that, although large and lumbering, the dungeon bosses can be quick.

The sense, it is most useful to sidestep the deception and rear of this enemy, clinging to the sides, where the enemy can’t effortlessly swoop over the player. With this dungeon being technically available at the very start of the game, you would think that this boss would be a breeze.

In a small arena like this, you would want to avoid locking Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot on to a boss of the dungeon as your objective, otherwise, a single turn in and all of a sudden, the camera angle is going to be making things harder on you, more so than the boss itself.

Or, you can use this cheat to help it go slightly easier, while also picking up a few items on your way (even if you cannot complete a tomb boss encounter).

If it is your first time going through, and you are looking to clean up all of it, dropping to your right makes everything much easier. Going to the left takes you to a bunch of ghost enemies, who you can pretty easily race past to reach Fringefolk Hero’s Grave boss chamber, which is to your right, on the bottom of the hill.

Now, Chariot is going to disappear forever, so you will not need to worry about getting hit by the chariot, even when it regenerates, making the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave in Elden Ring a lot easier to advance.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot with complete information.

Is it possible to destroy the chariot in the grave of the fringefolk hero?

If you are familiar with these chariots, you have probably seen the one in the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. Fortunately, there is a way to destroy the chariot while also getting some loot. In Elden Ring, here’s how to destroy the chariot inside Fringefolk Hero’s Grave.

What is the location of the grave of the fringefolk hero?

A Location in Elden Ring is the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. In Stranded Graveyard, behind a fog wall, lies the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, which requires 2 Stonesword Keys.

In Elden Ring, where is the grave of the fringefolk?

Located in Limgrave , behind a fog wall in Stranded Graveyard, Elden Ring Fringefolk Hero’s Grave requires 2 Stonesword Keys to complete.

How do you get to Limgrave’s hero’s grave?

Limgrave’s Fringefolk Hero’s Grave can be found near Grace’s Stranded Graveyard Site, the first spot you open when you start the game. To reach the fog wall quickly, teleport to the site of grace. A statue of an imp stands nearby.

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