Fringefolk Hero Grave Walkthrough Guide

Fringefolk Hero Grave is a location in the Stranded Graveyard. It’s a dungeon in the west Limgrave with lots of loot and traps and enemies and the boss fight.

Here we featured a walkthrough of Fringefolk Hero Grave. We cover all the information of this dungeon such as how to pass through the traps, get all the loot and fight with the boss.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

How to Complete Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot?

The Fringefolk Hero Grave is next to the Site of Grace in the Stranded Graveyard. However, you need to have two Stonesword Keys to access this high level of this dungeon. Both the Stonesword Keys are available at Limgrave. You can purchase them the Patch in Murkwater Cave for 5k Runes.

After obtaining the stone sword keys you can access the Fringefolk Hero Grave by simply passing through the poisonous hallway.

Chariot elden ring
Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot

The Fringefolk Hero Grave is protected by the  Castle Guard Phantoms, Imps and Chariot. Basically, you need to avoid the Chariot because it’s a massive enemy with wheels and you can avoid it using the alcoves of the wall.

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The Fringefolk Hero’s Grave has 5 Poisonbone Darts and you need to move forward in the hallway by simply avoiding the Chariot and the Phantoms.

Fringefolk Hero Grave guide
Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot

You need need to move downward by simply jumping down from the hallway corridor when the path is narrow on the high of 2 ledges.

Fringefolk Hero Grave fire trap
Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot

After that move forward by simply activating the fire trap and in a few steps you will find the Two Imps that dropped from the ceiling. Once you defeat both Imps move forward till you read the hallway to go to the upper direction.

In this hallway, you need to encounter two optional Grafted Scions at the end of the hallway you need to find the Erdtree’s Favor that boosts your HPStamina and Equip Load.

Once defeating the Scions go to the end of the dungeon until you reach the hallway in this location you get the Stonesword Key.

erdree greatbow
Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot

More importantly there you need to use a long-range weapon such as a bow to drop the massive pot on the Chariot to destroy it.

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This is one of the important tasks in this quest that helps allow you to permanently remove the Chariot from the pathway. You need Erdtree’s Great bow and Great Arrows as a reward for defecting the Chariot.

After defeating the Chariot you can move forward into the hallway until the hallway seem narrow and then you will fight the Castle Guard Phantom as a reward after defeating the Castile Guard you will get Dragon Communion Seal.

Dragon Communion Seal
Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot

Move forward to the  Chariot’s pathway and at the end of it, you will encounter the boss fight ULCERATED TREE SPIRIT.

Yes, the boss of Fringefolk Hero Grave is Ulcerated Tree Spirit, to defeat this boss you make sure to use the attack and dodge fighting style because this boss moves quickly and delivers attacks using feet head and tail.

Ulcerated Tree Spirit
Fringefolk Hero Grave Chariot

Once you defeated the Ulcerated Tree Spirit you will get 15000 Runes along with Banished Knight Oleg Ashes and Golden Seed that can be handy to boost the number of the flask you can use in the game at Site of Grace.

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