Damage A Tank and Collect The Dropped Armor Samples Fornite

One of the weekly quests in Fortnite is to damage a tank. This quest is to collect the armor samples from damaging IO’s tanks. The tank must sustain 500 damage for the player to receive the quest item. To complete the quest, the player has to find a tank and deal damage to it. Also, the player can find an IO guard and defeat them.

After that, the player can loot the tank for the quest item. In Chapter 3 Season 2, tanks are a brand-new enemy, and they can be particularly difficult to destroy in the brand-new Zero Build mode. In this Fortnite guide, we’ll tell you how to complete this quest and get the quest items and armor samples.

damage a tank and collect the dropped armor samples fornite
damage a tank to collect armor samples

How to find and damage the Tank?

You must “Damage the tank to collect armor samples” in order to complete one of the “Resistance” missions. You will need to click on the audio log of the hologram to link to the top of the device and start the “Damage the tank to collect armor samples” mission.

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Once you get to one of the tank’s eight spawn points, simply locate the tank, and in order to obtain and collect armour samples from the tank, you will need to damage the tank with your pickaxe.

After spotting a tank among the various positions posted earlier, all you need to do is damage the vehicle using equipment such as a cannon to damage it and collect armor samples.

We recommend that you find an abandoned tank, then drive it to a secluded spot and then damage it to complete the resistance quest. Luckily, there are places where unoccupied tanks can be found, which can make this task very easy and complete.

Under the IO airship, there is a checkpoint where you will find an empty tank that is suitable for this problem, an empty tank that is suitable for this problem. 

damage a tank to collect armor samples
Collect Dropped Armor In Fortnite

Fortnite Damage Tank to Collect Armor Samples Location

Once the tank is spotted, just hit it with any weapon and it will drop armor samples. After a few seconds, you will clearly see objects flying out of the tank – these are the armour samples you need to collect.

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You don’t have to completely destroy the tank because you need to gather two armor samples for one of the weekly assignments. Don’t worry if this tank is stolen or destroyed before you collect the required number of armor samples.

Just get to the back of what’s in the Rock Reels and start shooting at the two rectangular structures to deal massive damage that will drop armor champions. Start attacking the tank in plain sight using any weapon (yes, including the pickaxe).

The tank will break free from you and inflict damage if you ram it. The easiest way to destroy a tank is to shoot the bronze panel right under the turrets at the front of the vehicle, as it will eventually break and the driver will be damaged.

Heavy tank critical damage results in additional points for light tanks. There is no special “kill all enemy tanks” bonus, however, the whole team gains more experience the more damage the team deals to enemy tanks.

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A bullet can indeed pass through the spaced armour of tanks without causing any damage. Each penetrating hit reduces the tank’s armor (by the amount of damage), increasing the chance of subsequent hits being penetrated. An Iron hide with undamaged tank armour hit by a bone saw will have a 67.5% penetration chance.

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