Lost Ark: The Legendary Secret Recipe Guide

You must have finished the majority of the Anikka main quest before you can build the Soup of Transcendence in Lost Ark.

The primary component, the Legendary Secret Recipe, can only be obtained in the Bleak Edge dungeon, which is accessible after finishing Anikka’s main plot. You may learn more about finishing the Legendary Secret Recipe and where to find it in this post. So let’s start things off.

Where to discover the Legendary Secret Recipe in Anikka?

The first thing you can do upon starting a dungeon is to find the Legendary Recipe, which is located in the southernmost part of the Desolate Dungeon.

The major component, the legendary secret recipe, is only present in the Bleak Edge dungeon that is accessible only after completing the main plot of Anikka.

Legendary Secret Recipe
Legendary Secret Recipe

Behind the Changhong Inn on the northwest side of the port city of Changhong, the legendary secret Xibin cooking recipe can be found. Take it to Chef Sobin in the port city of Changhong along with 900 credits to get your special Yong-style secret marinade. 

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Yong Style Secret Marinade can be prepared by Changhong Port City Chef from Changhong Port City for 900 Silver. The ingredient can be found in Jox’s Barrier (Melody Forest).

An ingredient for a deer hind hoof stew can be found in Rattan Hill. Screenshots of our guides. The secret pill of the Chok family can be found in the extreme west of the Melody Woods.

The elixir of the Zhuo family is hidden under a cart that is close to it. Inside, you’ll find 30 silver coins to buy a candy bar. Then you need to buy old dumplings for 3000 silver.

The ingredients you need to buy from the Kongbo Cooking Ingredients Vendor are a 100-year-old centipede for 6000 silver, plus an old dumpling for 3000.

How to finish the Legendary Secret Recipe’s Quest?

Legendary Secret Recipe Lost Ark
Where To Locate Legendary Secret Recipe

To find the hidden ingredient required for this dumpling, go to the Kong Bo Culinary Ingredients Merchant. Chef Sobin will use the Legendary Secret Recipe to prepare the Transcendence Soup you need for 1 Silver Coin.

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It is relatively easy to find because you can get the main ingredient in the Lost Ark. You can either purchase these recipes from various vendors or locate secret areas on the map to find them and complete them.

To get Sobin to open his store, speak with him. Then, find the Soup of Transcendence at the Adventurer’s Tome Specialties. The Adventurer’s Tom of All Continents and the Adventurer’s Tom of All Continents both require cooking materials in addition to regular crafting supplies.

Chaos Gates can also release secret cards that reveal hidden dungeons on the continents, and they can also contain engraving recipes.

Legendary Secret Recipe Location
Legendary Secret Recipe Location

The side quests in East Lutherra in particular will give you plenty of bags of engraving recipes, and you can even get some of them as a login reward. 

You will receive 3 activation points in this engraving after learning 20 common recipes, at which point you must go to the recipe for the subsequent level of rarity.

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You will receive an additional 3 Activation Points for every 20 recipes of a greater rarity, thus following your last 20 Orange Legendary Recipes, you will receive 12 Activation Points for this engraving. You can find the Yeons Barrier dungeon in Fujiyama on the continent of Anikka. 

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