Rethramis Adventurers Tome Guide in the Lost Ark

Rethramis Adventurers Tome Guide: Lost ark is an online multiplayer action role-playing. The Lost Ark is a 2.5d fantasy MMOARPG. As per the results, after the game was released, within 24 hours it became the second most played game on steam.

The game is free on steam and also you can purchase additional data on the game from amazon. The game was first fully released in the south Korea region in February 2019 then the game was released on February 2022 in North America, South America and Europe. 

In the game, players have to face each other in different classes. In the game, there are enough classes to keep you awake till midnight. In each class, there will be 10 to 16 players. In this article we will go through several skills you might know or don’t know. 

In the lost ark, there are several locations where you can find the vital items and also can do some combat with giants and monsters. Also, you will get a great loot from giants after defeating them.

To check out the rethramis adventure tome guide you can go through the article and find new locations to explore and new enemies to defeat.

Rethramis Map in the Lost Ark 

In rethramis map, you can explore the main four areas.

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Rethramis map includes below listed area:

● Rethramis border

● Loghill

● Ankumo Mountain

● Prideholme

● Aquilok’s tail

● Aquilok’s head

The adventure Tome is one of the locations where you can loot for your inventory and also upgrade the inventory with the loots.

Nonetheless in tome adventure, you will find the secrets and hidden stories. In this guide, you will know every single about Tome’s adventure in the lost ark.

Rethramis Adventurers Tome Guide

These are the collectibles from the tome adventure lost ark:

● Unique monsters

● Hidden stories

● Ingredients

● Field boss

● Vistas

● Cooking items

In some of the regions, the map will be not applicable for the random drops.

Also in the dungeons, you will find incredible loot from killing the monsters. To collect the great things from the dungeons, first, win the dungeons with normal difficulty and after that win the dungeons with hard difficulty. 

The monster will not be present in the particular dungeons so the map won’t be there. You have to look for every dungeon to get collectibles.

What can you get from the different regions in tome adventure lost ark? 

The collectibles are listed below with the specific region. You can follow the map and search for the collectibles in that area.

1. Rethramis Border:

In rethramis border region you will get these things:

● 10 mokoko seeds

● 1 field boss

● 1 food

● 3 hidden stories

● 3 unique stories

● 2 vista locations’

● 1 dungeon

● 1 ingredient

2. Loghill

In the loghill region you will get the below-listed collectibles:

● 9 mokoko seeds

● 1 ingredients

● 2 unique monsters

● 4 vista location

● 1 dungeon

● 2 hidden stories

3. Ankumo mountain

In the ankumo mountain region you will get the below-listed collectibles:

● 1 vista location

● 1 dungeon

● 2 hidden stories

● 5 mokoko seeds

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● 4 unique monsters

4. Prideholme

In the prideholme region you will get the below-listed collectibles:

● 2 food

● 1 vista location

● 4 hidden stories

● 1 ingredients

● 9 mokoko seeds

5. Aquilok’s Tail

In the Auilok’s tail region you will get the below-listed collectibles:

● Monster

● World boss

6. Aquilok’s head:

In the aquiloks head region you will get the below-listed collectibles:

● Food

● Monster

● World boss

7. Toxiclaw cavern:

In the toxiclaw cavern region, you will get the monster whom you can defeat to get the collectibles from monsters.

Also on the map, there are several viewpoints which you can explore there, the viewpoints locations are, prideholme, loghill and ankumo mountain. 

Furthermore, you can also deal with the travelling merchant in loghill, ankumo mountain and rethramis border.

What reward will you get if you complete the rethramis map lost ark?

If you are able to complete the rethramis you will get the Ignea Token: Rethramis. Other than this you will get the rewards like, phoenix plume, HP potion, Surprise chest, prideholme neria, charisma potion, stat increase potion, Emote: bored, Gustaven’s holy water, structure: rethramis lion statue.

Above mentioned rewards are based on the completion percentage of tome’s adventure. As you complete the different parts of rethramis and explore every inch of the map and get collectibles then this percentage will increase and you will get the different rewards according to the percentage completed in the map.

Which NPCs will you face and in which region in tome adventure lost ark?

● Neria npc will be found in prideholme

● Eppha will be found in loghill

● Hyde will be found in loghill

● Hely will be found in prideholme

● Maydok will be found in loghill

● Kahan will be found in loghill

● Vengeful spirit

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● Priest samantha

Which adventure you will explore in the rethramis adventure tome guide lost ark?

In the rethramis adventure tome, you will explore learning about pets’ adventure in the prideholme. Also, you can explore the better together adventure tome in the prideholme. Also in the prideholme you can explore collecting collectibles for fun.

Different Dungeness quest you will find in the rethramis adventure tome lost ark?

● The tail of the snake dungeon you can locate in aquilok’s tail

● Waves of malice dungeon you can locate in Ankumo mountain

● Toxiclaw hideout dungeon you can locate in loghill

● Toxiclaw cavern dungeon you can locate in loghill

● The wrecked ruins dungeon you can locate in loghill

● Source of the infection dungeon you can locate in ankumo mountain

● Uninvited guest in the oratory dungeon you can locate in loghill

That’s all the information you will need to require to complete the rethramis adventure tome guide. 

In this very article, we mention which NPCs you will meet and where, different dungeons and their location, different rewards as you accomplish the map, different regions of the map and what collectibles you will get from there are also listed. 

Also, you can explore the other small place by yourself if you use the map to get the new viewpoints to view. Nonetheless, with this information, you can easily conquer the map and will receive the Ignea token: rethramis.

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