Lost Ark Treasure Map | Waiting Beast’s Plaza

Lost Ark is an excellent MMO role-playing game with lots of maps and quests for the player to complete with exploration.

In Lost, Ark players can access the complete to get certain rewards such as the loot keys with an icon of the treasure map on your inventory and when you right-click on them you will get a scroll with a map.

You can get those keys randomly in-game by simply defecting the enemies or just finishing the quest. These scroll contains the location of the secret dungeon that the player can explore. One of these treasure maps has Waiting Beast’s Plaza and when you’ve obtained it and now search for the way to get it.

You’re in luck here we have a featured guide about finding the Waiting Beast’s Plaza. So without wasting your time lets focus on the guide.

surrounding bloods world

Waiting Beast’s Plaza in Lost Ark

The Waiting Beast’s Plaza is located in the region of the Battlebound Plains for the exact spot check the below-given image.

Waiting Beasts Plaza location

Basically, there are four impassable areas on the Battlebound Plains map and you need to go right-hand side, on the Southern edge. To access the Waiting Beast’s Plaza as you move forward you will interact with an icon and that is the entrance of the secret dungeons.

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Once you are inside the secret dungeon you need will encounter the giant crocodile boss you need to fight this boss and make sure at level 21 this is an easy-to-win fight once you defeat the boss loot the rewards.

For more do watch this video for more in deep detailed information.

This is all for this guide for more similar content do read our Lost Ark Guides for more helpful information.

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