Destiny 2: How to Catch Exotic Fish?

Now available in Destiny 2, fishing offers legendary victories and exotic rewards. Whispering Morthcarp is a new exotic fish that Bungie has added to the pool during Week 5 of Season of Deep. The Miasma Zone of the Savathun Throne planet is where you can catch strange fish. 

If you still need to unlock fishing. I created this manual with you in mind. To access the fishing rally: Throne World Quest, you must also go to Suraya Hawthrone at the tower for an additional reward. 

How To Get Whispering Mothcarp in Destiny 2?

Focused Fishing Desinty 2

You may get to the Thrall statue by going down the tunnel next to the lantern. The Hive Lantern in 750-meter-deep dives.

To finish the Whispering Mothcarp quest and start Xivu Arath’s discussion, offer the Broken Blade at the Thrall statue. In the Deep Dives activity, there is a Whispering Mothcarp Thrall statue.

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You must locate these spots and fish there to catch exotic species, which only reproduce in specific places. You can utilize your fishing equipment to determine where there is an upsurge in fishing activity.

You’ll get a Broken Blade in addition to the standard benefits for catching an exotic fish, which include a piece of exotic gear. This is also not a quest and does not appear in your inventory immediately, making it simple.

How To Use The Broken Blade of Strife

The Whispering Mothcarp Exotic Fish must be released into the HELM’s aquarium to earn the quest item, the Broken Blade of Strife. The first statue encountered in the Deep Dives activity’s introductory underwater segment has only one known use.

To achieve this, you must finish the first level of the Deep Dives activity, which entails swimming down an underwater tunnel and taking out several adversaries. Interact with the first statue when you get there to drop the Broken Blade of Strife.

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