Destiny 2: How To Farm Kalli

Kalli is a last-wish raid boss in Destiny 2. To cheese Kalli properly in Destiny 2, your team should have at least one Anarchy Granade Launcher. It will help you prevent Kalli from teleporting with this weapon.   

I have mentioned the most easy way to farm Kalli in Destiny 2. With a little practice, you can easily farm Kalli with the methods I have explained below and get the Red Border you need. 

How To Farm Kalli in Destiny 2? – Easy and Quick Way 

kalli farm destiny 2
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You can find Kalli at the Tower of Opened Eyes in Dreaming City. Ensure all your teammates stand in a circle closest to the Rally Flag. The player who has Anarchy Grenade Launcher is required to encounter Kalli

Finding a spot where Kalli cannot push you back is best. Hit Kalli multiple times with Anarchy Grenade Launcher when it drops its shield. Meanwhile, your teammates should have killed the other taken enemies by this time. 

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Now, leave some Grenade shots on the ground where Kalli will teleport. Once Kalli teleports there, the bullets will not allow her to teleport and keep her stationary. Also, clear out taken thralls from the circle at this point. They will ruin the cheese if they trigger Anarchy Grenades. 

When Kalli is pinned to the ground by Anarchy, the whole team must deal as much damage as possible. As Kalli’s health is almost drained, all team members should stop to avoid breaking the glitch. Kalli will teleport to another location and then teleport back to the group. 

This is the time to take the last shot to finish her and get rewards. Now, reset the raid progress and enter this fight again to rinse and repeat the Kalli farm in Destiny 2 to your heart’s content.  

Kalli Farm Requirements and Loadout Recommendations

You must have finished the main campaign of Forsaken DLC and unlocked Dreaming City; these are the main requirements. There are several loadout recommendations to farm Kalli. Here I have mentioned some of the best loadouts that you can consider:

  • Cataclysmic
  • Reed’s Regret
  • Taipan-4FR
  • Gjallarhorn
  • Tracker Cannon – Use with double slug
  • Sleeper Simulant
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 You can also go for Star-Eater Scales using Golden Gun Marksman if you are a hunter. 

This is all for how to farm Kali in Destiny 2 for more relevant guides do check our Destiny 2 guides section. A few of them are given below that might come helpful for you thanks for reading and keep playing Destiny 2.

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