Monster Hunter Rise: Find Dragonite Ore (Guide) 2022

One of the best minerals you can find in Monster Hunter Rise is Dragonite Ore. There are only a few mining nodes on the map, and one of them gives you Dragonite Ore. You must head to a specific place after reaching a certain level.

Here you’ll find where to look for Dragonite ore and how to find it quickly.

What is Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise?

Dragonite Ore is a must-have crafting material for upgrading and crafting some of the best parts of weapons and armour, so players should take care to start gathering Dragonite Ore as early as possible. Rare materials are required to craft the best armour, and farming these materials can be tricky in this increasingly dense map game.

If you want to process Dragonite Ore in the Coral Highlands quickly, we recommend heading to Area 11 along the western border.

There are only a few mining nodes on the map, and one of them gives you Dragonite Ore. You must go to the lava caves that open after defeating a new giant monster, first added to MH Rise.

As with other mining in Monster Hunter Rise, players will need to find mining exits in lava caves to collect Dragonite ore. Low-ranked players will have a better chance of getting Dragonite Ore from White Deposits. W

hile high-ranked players can find Dragonite Ore from White and Blue Deposits. When mining directly in this area, you will also collect Fucium Ore, especially Fire Cell Stones, which you will need later.

While you can get items like sharp claws by killing certain monsters, others like the Carbalite Ore require you to interact with various nodes spread out in different areas you can visit during your adventure.

Where do you find Dragonite Ore?

However, getting Dragonite ore early is essential, and the best way to do this is to mine in the Lava Cave outcrops.

You can mine it on lower map tier iterations, but while it’s technically possible to find Dragonite Ore up to a high rank, your chances of doing so are less than stellar. The lava cave biome has many minerals that can be mined, and each of them can return Dragonite ore.

monster hunter rise dragonite ore

However, lava caves remain the best place to mine due to many deposits. The good news is that when players get to the lava caves, the mine outcrops will act as a one-stop shop for minerals, releasing everything from earth crystal to machete ore.

White rock outcrops offer uncommon minerals, and blue rock outcrops offer common ore. Mine Outcrops can be mined multiple times, and each time you use them, you will receive random drops from my Outcrops.

This is the same as mining early game assets such as iron ore. All players have to do is find a mining site and interact with it to get resources. The frequency and amount of ore obtained will be minimal, so the first method is unsuitable for agriculture.

Mining works so that there are 3-6 specific types of ore on each map. Any outcrop on this map can release any ore. With no time limit, it’s easy to run between two areas while collecting a lot of ore.

How to find Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise?

When you enter the lava cave, you will start to find Dragonite Ore.

As with other mining in Monster Hunter Rise; players need to find a mining exit in a lava cave to collect dragonstone ore.

Low-tier players are more likely to get dragon stone ore from white deposits, while hightier players can find dragonstone ore from white and blue deposits.

There are several mineral outputs you can try out for various deposits that can be caught. White mine outcrops provide rare ores, and blue mine outcrops provide common ores.

Blue mine outcrops have a slight chance of dropping Dragonite when mined, while white outcrops have a higher chance.

Blue Outcrops have a lower chance to release Dragonite Ore, especially at low levels, but when Dragonite Ore drops, each Outcrop can produce up to three.

After reaching a high rank, Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise can drop much more frequently, even from blue mine outcrops. Dragonite Ore is one such resource in Monster Hunter Rise that only spawns in one area of the game, the Lava Caverns.

The frequency and quantity of the ore will be below, so the first method is not suitable for farming. This stacks with geologist level 3, so you can get a lot of ore at each mining node.

Head to the rocky area near the top of the volcano, and you’ll see a lot of ore waiting to be mined.

Note that Dango Harvester will allow you to reappear rare praise spawn points faster to optimize your collection.

At the same time, Geologist Skill 3 (available on some low-level sets and Monster Hunter Rise Talismans) will let you Gain accolades for increasing yields.

Farms are the most reliable source of dragons, and it’s not the only way hunters can get dragon stones. We recommend using a convenient mining outcrop route to grow dragon stone. Stock up on resistance at the entrance to the lava cave and head to the first area.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the dragonite ore MH Rise with complete information.

How do you get Dragonite Ore in MH rise?

The Lava Caverns, the final region of Monster Hunter Rise, is a good place to look for Dragonite Ore. It’s an uncommon drop from the area’s Mining Outcrops, and it’s similar to other goods you’ve found in the past, such as Machalite Ore, Icium, and Lightcrystal.

How do you get Dragonite Ore in MHW?

You can find Dragonite Ore as a rare drop from mining spots in both the Coral Highlands and Rotten Vale. There are good farming spots on both maps, so choose either based on your preference and how far you’ve progressed in the game.

Where can I find ore in Monster Hunters rise?

Striking blue mining outcrops in the Sandy Plains, Lava Caverns, and Flooded Forest is our major and most usual technique for getting Machalite Ore. Though the Sandy Plains biome will be your initial stop for this substance. You do not need to complete tasks with a high rank.

How do you get Dragonite Ore early?

If you’re still on early Lower Rank content, Dragonite Ore is only available in the Lava Caverns. This mineral, however, will drop from both blue and white mining outcrops in the zone, making it rather easy to collect.

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