How To Break Pyro Lector Shield Fast?

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Genshin Impact is one of the most popular action games in the market, and Abyss Lector Shield is its signature tool. The Shield is an optional item that players can buy in the game. It is equipped on the left arm, and it protects its user from all kinds of damage. Abyss Lector Shields are defensive shields in the game Genshin Impact.

This Shield is a rarity, and there are few players with this Shield in their arsenal. In this guide, we’ve got the answer for you to break the abyss lector shield in Genshin Impact.

What is Abyss Lector Shield in Genshin Impact?

Abyss Lector Shield is designed to provide a measure of protection against the Abyss’s parasitic abomination.

The Shield doesn’t have any offensive capabilities, but it can provide defence against many physical or energy-based attacks. The Shield is the most basic defensive option in Genshin Impact, and there are other types of shields that offer more protection.

In simple words, Abyss Lector Shield is a rare shield that can be found in Genshin Impact. It was initially obtained by clearing out the hidden Shadow Souls with Abyss Lector’s help when released on Earth. It has only been seen in beginner-rated PvP matches so far.

But Abyss Lector Shield is the only one that protects against attacks from both sides and has no weaknesses to exploit.

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Break Pyro Lector Shield Fast
how to break pyro lector shield fast

How does the shield work?

The Shield is a force field that protects the pilot of the Zoid. It can be activated with energy crystals, protecting the pilot from collisions, debris, and fire. The Shield can’t be used indefinitely, as it will run out of energy, and refresh time varies depending on how much it was used.

The Shield has a lot of health, so it is not likely to break in one battle unless you are fighting a boss who deals immense damage.

The Shield has a meter for the number of hits it can take before breaking; that means you get some time to react when your shield breaks before your health go down.

The Abyss Lector Shield has two modes of use.

Self-defence mode: In this mode, the Shield will defend the user from incoming projectiles.

Ranged Attack and Defense mode: In this mode, the Shield will protect the user and all their allies from incoming projectiles for a short time. The player can also switch between these modes to suit their needs.

How to Break the Abyss Lector Shield Fast?

The enemies in the game can destroy the Shield. Abyss Lector Shield is a protective barrier that protects the player from enemy attacks. The Shield is created by collecting energy from defeated enemies and absorbing particles from the environment.

It’s a powerful technique, but enemy attacks can destroy it. Weaker Shield against Hydro DMG can also be significantly damaged when taking down Lectors Dark Furnace.

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Lectors Darkfire Furnace will cause new eruptions on the battlefield, but destroying it (ideally with Hydro DMG) will stop this attack and reduce Pyro Shield.

Abyssal Lecturer Abyssal Flame will be used more frequently, including Meteor Strike, and will be protected by an incendiary shield. Aoe Pyro Blast will also be cast when Void Lecturer casts his Shield when he is at around 20% health.

After bringing the Lector Pyro Abyss to about a third of his HP, he will release a burst of flame from his body and use a fire shield. It won’t drain your characters’ energy or increase their cooldown like the Electric Void Lecturer, but instead, its gimmick does real damage to your group.

Avoid using Electro characters like Fischl or Keqing as their attacks will have little effect on Void Heralds. In addition, Freeze teams inherently use Hydro characters like Mona or Xingqiu, allowing you to destroy the reader’s Shield and furnace quickly.

Compared to Electro, Cryo is less effective against Hydroshield, but Cryo can freeze the enemy, which can be tactically better in some cases. The cryo-state of the Shield makes it easy to activate the “disbanded” state, which saps the power of the cryo shields.

Of course, you can weaken these shields with brute force attacks, but this is not the most effective way to get close to enemy shields, especially elemental ones.

How to break the Shield effectively?

If you choose to use a Geo character like Noel instead, expect to hit the water shield about 12 times for the same effect. Even a level 1 character can deal a lot of damage to a shield if they use elemental attacks against which the Shield is weak.

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Once the shields build shields, switch to a character that can use their elemental weakness against them. Similar to Void Mages, you will need to use elements whose shields are fragile to break them.

Essentially, their Shield works similarly to an abyss wizard’s Shield, in which it’s much more efficient to use the element’s reaction to break the Shield than pure damage, and the Shield is immune to the element itself.

Shielded characters are also recommended to protect you from the constant charge of damage dealt by the Reader with Pyro. For example, Frozen Shields can be easily destroyed with Burning Attacks, while Burning Shields can be quickly destroyed with Hydro Attacks.

Claymore attacks are a great way to take down water/water shields if you’re using a character with the correct elements.

You can also use Aeolus characters such as Sucrose, Shaw, Traveler Anemo, or Jin to have a fire whirlwind reaction to the player to speed up the shield-breaking process.

This is the end of this short guide.

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