Hollow Knight Greenpath: Hornet, Mothwing Clock and more

Certainly, revisiting Greenpath in Hollow Knight marks a significant milestone in your journey through the intricate game world.

This dense, toxin-filled biome not only introduces a more challenging environment with enhanced platforming elements but also sets the stage for encounters with new adversaries and the acquisition of vital abilities.

Arriving at Greenpath map involves uncovering a discreet entrance tucked away in the expansive chamber above where Cornifer, the mapmaker, resides. From this concealed doorway on the left wall, a step onto the adjacent ledge leads to the gateway of this verdant yet treacherous domain.

Defeat Hornet To Get Mothwing Cloak

However, exercise caution; the region is rife with poisonous hazards that, like other dangers, result in a respawn if you fall victim to them. Additionally, the foes in this area pose a heightened threat compared to those encountered in the preceding Forgotten Crossroads.

hornet location greenpath hollow
Hornet Location in Greenpath

The initial objective upon entry is securing the area map from Cornifer, enhancing your navigation of this vibrant yet perilous locale. To locate him, journey leftwards until you cross paths with Hornet, a critical character in the game.

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Further exploration in this direction ultimately brings you to Cornifer’s retreat, where you acquire the much-needed map, granting a clearer understanding of this enchanting yet hazardous region.

hornet hollow
Defeat Hornet To Get Mothwing Cloak

Post-map acquisition, the focus shifts to the pivotal confrontation with Hornet. This battle against her proves to be a true examination of your skills, demanding agility and strategic prowess.

Triumphant victory over Hornet rewards you with the coveted Mothwing Cloak, bestowing upon you the invaluable ability to dash, a skill that profoundly enhances your traversal capabilities in the game.

Mothwing Clock Hollow Knight
Mothwing Clock in Hollow Knight

Upon obtaining the Mothwing Cloak, an item emerges where Hornet fell. Upon inspecting it, you harness this new ability, then maneuver through a brief tutorial to master its use. This empowering skill sets the stage for further exploration, allowing you to venture into the enthralling Fungal Wastes & Mantis Village with newfound confidence.

As part of our extensive Hollow Knight walkthrough and guide hub, this guide amalgamates experience and insights, offering an expert approach to mastering this crucial phase of the game. With the Mothwing Cloak now in your possession, the game world is ripe for exploration, unveiling new dimensions and thrilling discoveries.

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