PSO2: All NSGs 4 Star Weapons List (2024)

Phantasy Star Online 2 4 Star Weapons: Phantasy star online is a game of many levels. As you level up in New Genesis you will get the key to increase your game in different ways. You will get 4-star weapons in this level up. You also need to reach level 15 to get these amazing weapons.

pso2 ngs 4 star weapons

Here is the guide, on how you will get this phantasy star online 2: New Genesis:

What are the weapons in Phantasy Star Online 2?

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis contains 12 weapons in this megastar game. Here is the list of all these 12 weapons in this level of the game:

  1. Sword (Melee)
  2. Partisan (Melee)
  3. Double Saber (Melee)
  4. Twin Daggers (Melee)
  5. Assault Rifle (Ranged)
  6. Launcher (Ranged)
  7. Twin Machine Guns (Ranged)
  8. Knuckle (Melee)
  9. Wired Lance (Hybrid)
  10. Rod (Magic)
  11. Wand (Magic)
  12. Talis (Magic)

These are the weapons player get up by entering into this amazing level. This level is brought up in the game recently by the developers for developing the interest of players.

What is the New Genesis Update of Phantasy Star Online?

The new update of ARKS Operative is the update on the New Genesis in Phantasy Star Online. In this update, players have to embark on the adventure of 1000years after completing the event on the main games of PSO. As there is the 20th anniversary of PSO, they have planned New Genesis, which checks the whole game not only physically but also optimizes the graphics of the game.

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How do you get 4 Star weapon in New Genesis?

To get 4-star weapon in new genesis, players basically have to reach “Level- 15”. This level can increase the difficulties of the players and also establish the fear in the players of getting down to level if they die in war. As there are more enemies in this, there is more chance of dropping of 4star weapon from the loot sources in the game.

How to upgrade weapons in New Genesis update?

To upgrade a weapon, players should initially find their direction to the Item Lab Enhancement counter. On the off chance that players are coming from the pinnacle, it’s the primary on the left in a pink neon tone, or the last to the right while bringing forth around subsequent to signing in. Players can overhaul their weapons here under the necessity of three things.

Players will require how much Maesta for the update, an abundance of weapons of no utilization to act as gun feed, and N-Grinders. Weapons of a similar kind or model give an additional measure of exp toward accomplishing a higher level.

Once at the lab, select improved weapons, pick up 6 weapons that can be utilized as material, and complete the overhaul. Any weapon can be utilized as material yet comparable sorts will concede more productive advancement.

With respect to obtaining these requirements, Maesta is acquired from pretty much any movement. Finishing missions and undertakings ought to net the most. Concerning the overabundance of weapons, wandering around lower-level regions with things that further develop drop rates would accelerate the interaction.

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N-processors can be tracked down in chests, additional difficult foes, and as remunerations from errands and missions occasionally. Weapons have a cap of level 10 beginning, so Limit Breaking the weapon will build its expected limit one more redesign administration presented at the counter.

Top 5 Leading Weapons in Phantasy Games?

There is a full detail of the top 5 leading weapons of Phantasy games.

Tails (Melee)

Spellcasters who need greater adaptability in their Techniques can join both Photon Arts and Techniques with Tails. These half-breed weapons permit players to dole out very strong Techniques and yet bargain harm with Photon Arts making them very convenient for characters who need to take on additional adaptable jobs in battle.

On account of its weapon activity, players can send the Talis in mid-air and let it assault rivals around it occasionally. This move gives players sufficient opportunity to recover and design different activities in battle.

Wand (Magic)

In the Phantasy Star universe, Wands permit clients to channel Techniques and Photon Arts in short proximity. They spend significant time harming adversaries through their essential shortcomings. Thusly, Wands carry on like maces that divert components as different assaults.

Its weapon activity permits the Wand to invalidate approaching harm with an extraordinary watchman move. This makes the Wand a functional weapon to get more forceful invasions or while shielding from the bleeding edges.

Rod (Magic)

Rods act as the essential projecting weapon of the decision in PSO2. Though weapons have Photon Arts, Rods permit Forces to use Techniques.

Like RPG Spells, the Techniques from Rods can go from harming spells, to supporting spells, as well as staple mending. Involving the full brunt of Techniques in New Genesis is a commendable compensation instead of Photon Arts.

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Its weapon activity is a unique repel that can invalidate harm with the right timing. This makes the Rod an extraordinary buddy while supporting more forceful colleagues – particularly while confronting portable foes with various assault choices

Wired Lance (Hybrid)

The weapon will before long show up that can change the progression of battle in New Genesis. Called the Wired Lance, this weapon is intended to seem to be a couple of wires associated with a lance sharp edge.

In light of interactivity and liveliness, the Wired Lance capabilities like a yo – intended to hit foes at different ranges and points.

Because of its weapon activity, the Wired Lance basically turns into a catching instrument against rivals. When utilized appropriately, the Wired Lance can hook itself to adversaries and drag players towards foes.

Like Nero’s Devil Bringer in Devil May Cry, the Wired Lance’s weapon activity is an extraordinary method for shutting distance and starting combos.

Knuckle (melee)

The Knuckles act as the main skirmish weapon to give way in unarmed battle. This accentuates particular punches and kicks. ideal for scuffle soldiers who love to dole out delayed combos while keeping up with versatility. Their Photon Arts and weapon activities give way to wild and cruel counterattacks.

Besides, using the Knuckle’s weapon activity releases an influencing counter move. Not exclusively could this assist players at any point with evading convoluted assaults, yet this is likewise a convenient approach to rebuffing foes with destroying counterattacks and other forceful moves.

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