Lost Ark: Collect The Pebblings Stone Fragments of Shadowfallen Giant Locarok

How you can collect the pebblings stone fragments & Pieces of shadow fallen Gaint Locarok is the quest ” The Stone of Power” in the Lost Ark game.

The Game Lost Ark was developed by Smilegate RPG and released on 31st March 2022, this game also follows the concept of creating a hero and letting him win the whole place by killing and finishing all quests in it.

Likewise, Collecting pebbling stone fragments & Pieces of shadow-fallen giant locarok is a quest recently introduced in it.

collect the pebblings stone fragments

Many people want to complete it but are unable to know the proper tricks to complete it. In this guide, we are going to help you by providing proper guidance on how to complete it. Read the complete article below:

What is the Lost Ark quest?

Journeys are a significant part of Lost Ark. Updating your Characters and your thing levels is a certain something, yet the focal point of the game and creating major areas of strength for a storyline is likewise essential for the Lost Ark.

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The principal questline is likewise compensating as experience focuses. You can and it’s a superior way to deal with completing the Main questline by the entirety of your characters in the game. You will arrive at level 50 all through the primary story questline.

The game doesn’t end after the Main story questline in addition it moves to the final stage content and character level. The story then moves to the landmasses, After the Main questline closes players follow the World journeys to step up.

How to get The Shadow Fallen Giant Locarok?

The Shadowfallen Giant Locarok is a thing which is important to gather in Lost Ark. You should finish the mission named “The Stone of Power.” When you complete this mission, an NPC will give the Locarok to you.

The “Stone of Power” is a basic mission in the story movement, and players should go to the Tortoyk Heart prison. This prison is situated on Tortoyk Island. In the wake of arriving here, we should go through the Forst of Giants and run the prison.

At the point when we come to this spot, an exchange box will spring up to inquire as to whether we need to enter the prison or not — going to enter the prison of Heart. In the wake of entering the prison, we see a Giant fallen into the shadows. There will be different sections of Pebble stone lying around.

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Thus, gather these pieces and cooperate with the fallen monster, and the mission is finished.

How to start the quest ” The Stone Power”?

Players can get to Stone of Power in the wake of arriving at level 50, which makes it one of a few final stage missions that can be finished a lot later on in the game. It likewise has a particular mission essential.

Players should finish the journey, A Sad History before they can get to the Stone of Power. Whenever it is finished, the Stone of Power opens up and players can address the Legendary Blacksmith to start The Stone of Power mission.

To start this quest, you must have an updated version, players need to talk to a legendary NPC in the Serenity Isle. This person’s work is to provide you with some several items, so that player can create a powerful object.

These items include 15x pieces of The Shadowfallen Gaint Lacarok, The Pebbling Stone Fragments and also the 4th claw of Thanatos. Now after that, you need to defeat the shadow fallen giant location and pebbling inside Tortoyk and Thanatos in Morai.

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Collect pieces of the Shadowfallen Gaint Locarok

You need to collect 0/15 pieces of the shadow-fallen giant Locarok items and then head toward Tortoyk island.

Then proceed to the Forest of Giants which is present on that island and enter the Heart dungeon. After pressing enter, now you are in the dungeon. Here you need to defeat all the enemies behind the wall to get Pebbling’s Stone Fragments.

After collecting these, you can come back to Serenity Island and collect your reward of the quest.

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