Escape from Tarkov: Best Scav Voice Lines Translated

When you’re playing Escape from Tarkov and encounter the Scav during the raid in some complex situations knowing the voice lines of the Scav can come in handy for you. Yes, there are lots of voice lines used by Scav such as for altering, indicating or providing important information to other Scav.

Does knowing the Scav voice lines will help you and your team to survive longer in the game? Here we cover some of the popular and mostly used Scav voice lines.

Why You Should Learn the Scav Voice Lines

In Escape from Tarkov, Scavs play a significant role in the game’s overall difficulty. They are hostile NPCs that can pose a threat to players, and understanding their behaviour is crucial for survival.

Scav voice lines provide important information that can help players anticipate the actions of the Scavs and make informed decisions. Here are some reasons why Scav voice lines are important.

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Alerting nearby Scavs: Scavs use alert lines to signal the presence of players or dangerous situations to other nearby Scavs. By listening to these lines, players can gauge if their presence has been detected and take appropriate actions to avoid confrontation or plan an attack.

Indicating Scav behavior: Scavs have different voice lines for various emotions such as anger, fear, or agitation. These voice lines can give players an idea of the Scavs’ state of mind and their likelihood of attacking. Understanding their behavior can help players assess the level of threat they pose.

Providing environmental information: Scavs often call out landmarks or other notable locations as they move through the game world. These voice lines can serve as cues for players to orient themselves, navigate more effectively, and gain a better understanding of their surroundings.

By paying attention to Scav voice lines, players can gain valuable insights into their actions, intentions, and the game’s environment, ultimately improving their chances of survival and success.

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Scav Voice Lines with English Translations

Here’s a comprehensive list of the most common Scav voice lines in Escape from Tarkov, along with their English translations:

English PhraseRussian Translation
“What was that?”“Chto eto bylo?”
“Come here!”“Podozhdi syuda!”
“I saw him!”“Ya videl ego!”
“Who’s there?”“Kto tam?”
“Go away!”“Ukhodit!”
“Get ready!”“Prigotovleniya!”
“Protect me!”“Zashchishchayte menya!”
“Someone’s moving there!”“Tam kto-to dvizhetsya!”
“Be careful!”“Ostorozhno!”
“Let’s get out of here instead”“Davayte luchshe ukhodim”
“Find him!”“Haydite ego!”
“Was that you?”“Eto byl ty?”
“Someone’s shooting!”“Kto-to strelyaet!”
“Here, quickly!”“Syuda, bystro!”
“Kill him!”“Ubei ego!”
“There’s something here!”“Zdes to-to est!”
“What’s happening?”“Chto proishodit?”
“Let’s go!”“Pognali!”
“Do you see him?”“Vidish’ ego?”
“There’s nobody here!”“Tut nikogo net!”
“Get out of here, you scum!”“Poshli vy, zarazy!”
“Come here!”“Idi syuda!”
“What do we have here?”“Chto tut u nas?”
“That was loud!”“Eto bylo gromko!”
“Go ahead!”“Idi vperedi!”
“Check your surroundings!”“Proveryaite okruzhayushchuyu sredu!”
“Put him to sleep!”“Zasypay ego!”
“Call for an ambulance!”“Pozvonite po skoroy pomoshchi!”
“Take him!”“Zahvatite ego!”
“Open the door!”“Otkroite dver!”
“Be quiet!”“Zamolchite!”
“Shoot it!”“Prostrelite eto!”
“Step back!”“Otstupite!”
“Defend yourself!”“Zashitite sebya!”
“Put your hands up!”“Podnimite ruki!”
“Begin the search!”“Nachinayte poiski!”
“Protect this area!”“Zaschitite eto mesto!”


The phrases provided in both English and Russian can be useful in various situations, particularly in storytelling or when writing dialogue for characters in action-packed scenes. These phrases convey a sense of urgency, danger, and command, adding depth and authenticity to the narrative.

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