Far Cry 6 Village Stash Room Order | How To Unlock

One Quest in Far Cry 6 is called Rising Tide, which tasks you with exploring an area in order to piece together the codes that unlock locked doors to a treasure a locked door The Treasure.

In the Rising Tide treasure hunt, Dany must pull levers each named for either the Yarans rebels or one of the 67 legends in the right order to unlock a cache of items.

Assuming you do not feel like looking up the five legendary boats from Far Cry 6, there is a faster way to figure out the right codes for A Rising Tide treasure hunt. Let’s explore the way for unlocking this village stash room in this article.

How Do I Enter the Village Stash Room?

To unlock the Village stash room, you need to find Far Cry 6’s A Rising Tide Code while searching five boats. In addition to being composed, the boats found are also named after legendary partisans themselves and have the code beside them that you will need to unlock the Village Stash Room.

rising tide far cry 6 location
Village Stash Room Location

The names of the boats and the sequence of numbers that are marked on them are essential to finding because we will have to click buttons sequentially in order to unlock the secret rooms stash.

To find the order they should press, you need to find five boats in Yarabi that have names and numbers corresponding to them. You can begin one of these hunts by reading the note outside the house that has the boat with the name El Tigre Del Mar written on the side.

The boat with the name El Tigre Del Mar is written on the side. You can find a treasure hunt by fast traveling to Hideout Bolero in Sierra Perdida Regio, and traveling south-west until reaching the waterside village.

How To Open The Village Stash Room In Far Cry 6?

El Tigre Del Mar, Papi Chulo, El Lucky, Clarita, and Roja Victoria. This is the button order, and after pressing them, you’ll hear a click, which Dani will remark on. The locked door unlocks once you push all five buttons in the correct order, allowing you to enter and receive your goodies.

Far Cry 6 Village Stash Room Order
Far Cry 6 Village Stash Room Order

For the ones that are quite difficult, you have to decipher the order of the five-digit codes in a 5 digit code in order to unlock a door.

If you go into the house, you will be able to see all five names that you are going to look for on the boat. Inside that house, you will see a locked room and some buttons below the planks of the boats named after the five legends.

To open the doors within, you must discover boats concealed throughout the hamlet with the names of the stories written on them. All you have to do is locate the boats that are hiding in the village and write down their specific codes in order to unlock the hidden rooms of the village and get your own unique gear.

Once you unlock the Village Stash Room you will able to collect the rewards such as the village storage room will provide you with a nice firearm.

Rank 2 Camo Quinceanera
Rank 2 Camo Quinceanera

The Rank 2 Camo Quinceanera is a one-of-a-kind weapon that has 3 main attachments as well as 2 extra mods. It has a tactical scope, a sniper rifle, and softer aiming rounds. So, if you’re seeking for a new gun, open the container in the town stash closet.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

In Far Cry 6, how do you obtain Luis Stash?

To obtain Luis’ Stash in Far Cry 6, you must first access his house, which is partially barricaded. As a result, leave Beatriz’s pen and proceed straight ahead across the pool. Look up to see a pole with a fan above it. It also features a grappling point, as you can see.

How do you unlock a rising tide far cry 6?

A Burnt Note with the detailed instruction and sequence of names to unlock it may be found when you go right and below to the left of the house.

How do you open the well at the estate in Far Cry 6?

As you descend the steps and enter the dungeon, slash through the barred doorway on your right. Continue through the eerie people and look for the pillar on your left with a button on it. To set off explosives outside and clear well, press it.

Is there cheats for Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 hacks enable players to view opponent outlines and item pickups. This makes seeing opponents and intractable things simpler.

Do boats exist in Far Cry 6?

El Tigre del Mar is in front of the house where you obtained the treasure hunt. Papi Chulo, the second boat, may be located above water southwest of the starting place. El Lucky, the third boat, is located on its back on top of a home northeast of the starting place.

Are you able to make night in Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 unfortunately does not allow you to modify the time. Sleeping, moving quickly, and saving and restarting a game have no effect on the in-game clock. Previous Far Cry games allowed players to pass the time by sleeping.

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