Exoprimal How to Play Zephyr

Wondering, Exoprimal How to Play Zephyr? Well Capcom’s Exoprimal includes a variety of high-tech Exosuits that players can use to confront dinosaur hordes in the war games. Zephyr uses the two blades linked to its arms to fire a flurry of devastating melee combat assaults.

While it is one of the game’s less powerful choices, Zephyr is unrivaled in battle speed and agility. To get the most out of this fast Exosuit, consider this Zephyr build to boost its powers.

Zephyr, like all other Exosuits, has a primary attack, three secondary powers, and an Overdrive Ability. The following are its attacks and abilities:

  • Tonfa Blitz – this is the Exosuit’s primary attack, which uses the two tonfas attached to its arm to release short-range waves of energy.
  • Linear Strike – the first alternative attack, which is a powerful tackle that sends enemies flying.
  • Turbine Step – while it isn’t an attacking move, it enables Zephyr to perform a quick evasive manoeuvre.
  • Sky High – a powerful upward kick that can send multiple enemies straight up in the air.
  • Limiter Override – this is Zephyr’s most powerful ability, which boosts its speed, reduces attack cooldown times, and restores any lost health
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How to Play Zephyr

Exoprimal How to Play With Friends
Image Credit: Capcom

According to a Reddit user DivineRedFlash, he said and I quote ” Pretty sure some others know as well but the key is launching other dino’s into each other using linear strike or use the module for flying kick to do the same. Gas neosaur are my favourite projectiles now.”

Each Exosuit may be outfitted with up to three performance modules and a rig, which can supply the suit with extra support or firepower. For Zephyr, we propose the following Shield.

Because of its melee weaponry, this Exosuit must be right in the middle of the fight to be successful in war games. While it is essential, you must be cautious with your suit’s health because the Zephyr is not well armored and relies on its speed for protection.

When the dino swarms get too numerous or powerful, Zephyr will have a fighting chance if he equips the Shield gear.

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That’s how to play Zephyr in Exoprimal as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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