How to Catch Shiny Treecko in Pokemon Go

As promised, the Shiny variant of Treecko has been released to Pokemon Go for today’s Community Day event. The monthly mini-event is now underway throughout the world, and gamers in Japan and Australia were among the first to report that the Shiny variant of Treecko has been added in accordance with Community Day tradition. 

Community Day is a three-hour period during which a certain species of Pokemon appears in large numbers. Players may complete unique Field Research objectives, benefit from a 1/4 egg hatch bonus (walking just a fraction of the distance normally required to hatch an egg), and develop Grovyle into Sceptile to obtain the special Frenzy Plant charge move.

Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon that have a different coloring and are typically fairly rare. Shiny Treecko has a darker red tail and visibly bluer skin. Shiny Pokemon are normally difficult to discover in the wild, but Shiny Treecko will have a higher encounter rate during the Community Day hours.

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How to get Shiny Treecko in Pokemon Go

how rare is a shiny treecko in pokemon go
Image via Gameinstants

Treecko is a starting Pokemon found in the Hoenn area. Any player would consider themselves fortunate to have the opportunity to add Shiny Treecko to their Pokemon collection.

Pokemon Go Shiny Treecko may also be a very useful addition to the Player’s gym battles, giving them an advantage. Here’s how you acquire Shiny Treecko in Pokemon Go:

Trying to capture Shiny Treecko during its spotlight hour is the best way to obtain it in Pokemon Go. Using lure at a pokestop and incense while wandering about will further boost the player’s chances of obtaining a Shiny Treecko for their collection. 

This Pokemon may be really handy, and the Shiny Treecko evolution is not one to overlook. Shiny Grovyle is the Shiny Treecko evolution, which requires 25 candies to complete. There you have it about Shiny Treecko Pokemon Go as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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