How Do You Activate Statues in Hogwarts Castle?

One of the main challenges players would face throughout Hogwarts Legacy is puzzle-solving, and one of those puzzles is learning how to activate statues in Hogwarts Castle. This puzzle task is in one of the game’s early stages but still requires thinking and experimenting to move on.

At first, you’ll be clueless when you encounter them. Players often start to look around, hoping to find something in the area to activate the statues. Luckily, we have the answers for you. Keep reading to learn how you can effectively activate statues in Hogwarts Castle. 

How to Activate the Statutes in Hogwarts Legacy

Learning how to activate statues in Hogwarts Legacy is easier than it looks. It just requires some patience and your thinking skills.

First, players need to check out the blue lines on the floor and figure out the intersection point of the three statutes (shown in the below-given screenshot). Once you’ve done this, the next action is to stand at this intersection point while the statues turn.

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Hogwarts Legacy Activate the Statutes
activate statues in Hogwarts Castle

Once you approach the statues and use Lumos, the knights push their swords into the floor. The statues will return to their original position when you walk away.

Hogwarts Legacy Statute activate
activate statues in Hogwarts Castle

The goal is to align the statues with their reflections using yourself as the reflection to activate them. When players look at the lines shooting out of the three statues, they can use it to activate them.

Hogwarts Legacy Statute activate guide
activate statues in Hogwarts Castle

Simply put, walk up to the intersection between the three statute lines. Cast Lumos on this point, and the knights will react to the light, and each one will activate. All players have to do is stay still on this point and not leave the spot.

Once the statues are all activated, players must take down the three guardians. You can do this with basic magic. However, more will appear once the first three are defeated.

You can also cast the Stupefy spell to stun your enemies by holding the Triangle button. The circle button allows players to dodge the roll on the console and on the PC press the left mouse key to attack and the Q key to block the attacks. Once you complete the battle, you can proceed to other parts of the game.

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How the Task Begins

Right in the opening mission of Hogwarts Legacy, players have to follow a linear path where they’ll meet Professor Fig. Once Fig and the player end up in Gringotts’ Vault 12, one of the oldest banks in the Wizarding World, they’ll learn how to use the Revelio spell from Figs.

When used, this spell will reveal any hidden objects around. Players will soon learn to light up their wand with the Lumos spell. You can do this by holding R2 and pressing the triangle button on the console and on the PC press the 1 key to use the spell.

On their journey, players and Professor Fig will come across mysterious knight statues and their reflections. Players will be separated from Figs at some point, and then they’ll encounter three knight statutes.

This is where the task comes into play; you’ll need to make each of them stand and align simultaneously. 

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Final Thoughts

Hogwarts Legacy requires players to complete different tasks; sometimes, puzzles are part of these tasks. If you want to activate the statutes in Hogwarts Legacy, you must complete the steps in this article.

It should only take a couple of minutes, and you can proceed on the game to explore other adventures. If you enjoyed this easy guide, check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides. 

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