Hogwarts Legacy: How To Enter The Ruins (Possible Spoilers!)

In the Hogwarts Legacy game, during one of the quests, you must help stop poachers from endangering magical beasts. At some point during this quest while exploring the ruins around Brocburrow.

You will encounter a puzzle that involves two light pillars and some symbols. Solving that puzzle allows you access to the Ruins and this article will show you exactly how you can get past it to properly inspect the ruins during the A Bird In Hand quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

How To Enter The Ruins in Hogwarts Legacy

A Bird in the Hand Hogwarts Legacy
Image via Avalanche Software / WoW Quests YouTube

When you first enter the room, there are a few things to note. There is a doorway that will remain shut until you complete the puzzle, the doorway features seven symbols, two appear to be glowing, and they are all arranged in a semicircle.

Enter the Ruins Hogwarts Legacy Puzzle
Image via Avalanche Software / WoW Quests YouTube

There are two pillars located at the centre of the room and surrounded by the same images that can be seen on the door that is yet to be opened. The last thing to note are the two latches that can be seen on either side of the pillars which the players must move around to shine light onto the markings on the floor.

To solve this puzzle, you are required to move the pillars individually around the circle that surrounds the centre statue using the Accio spell.

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When the pillars move, they cast light on the symbols on the floor causing them to glow as well. You must ensure that the symbols glowing on the floor are the same symbols glowing on the door in order for it to open.

Enter the Ruins Hogwarts Legacy
Image via Avalanche Software / WoW Quests YouTube

Once you’ve successfully moved the pillars correctly, your companion will announce that the doorway has opened and you can continue in your quest.

There you have it, hopefully, this helped you and please, enjoy your adventures in Hogwarts Legacy. For more similar guides do check our Hogwarts Legacy guides section few of them are mentioned below.

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