Hogwarts Legacy: Cursed Tomb Treasure Walkthrough

During one of your explorations, if you ever find yourself in the southern Highlands of Hogwarts Legacy, be on the lookout for an old manor guarded by two Infamous Foes.

This manor is part of the Cursed Tomb Treasure and is different from any other treasure hunt in the game; it is connected to a side quest and an Ancient Magic Hotspot.

Here’s a detailed guide on how you can complete the Cursed Tomb Treasure, including the rewards you get for completing the quest.

Let’s dive in!

Hogwarts Legacy The Cursed Tomb Treasure Quest Walkthrough

To start the quest, you must make your way to the southwest of the Bainburgh hamlet in the Manor Cape region, located in the south of the Highlands. To go on with the quest, visit the west manor cape floo flame below the cliffs southwest of the manor.

cursed tomb treasure walkthrough
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From the Floo Flame, hop on your Broom and fly straight up until you see the statue of a reaper standing next to a few gravestones. Use Confringo or Incendio to light up the bowl below the statue.

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This will give you access to a secret entrance to the manor’s basement. There, you can start the quest, Cursed Tomb Treasure.

hogwarts legacy cursed tomb treasure quest
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Once you’ve made your way underground, you must fight two Infamous Foes, Ailsa Travers and Lord of the Manor. Ailsa’s moves will seem familiar if you’ve encountered other Ashwinders, as she fights just like your typical Ashwinder, except with a more significant health pool.

Defeat her, and that action will trigger the spawn of the Lord of the Manor; as with other Inferius, you’ll need to set it on fire with a fire-based spell or a nearby explosive barrel before it can take damage. Once you’ve defeated them, use Alohamora on the chest to pick up the map fragment.

Cursed Tomb Treasure, Location

hogwarts legacy cursed tomb treasure map
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You can find the treasure at a place called the Tomb of Treachery, which is situated on the northwest corner of the Poidsear Coast region. To find the entrance to the tomb, head past the Merlin Trial, behind the waterfall.

cursed tomb treasure
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Inside the tomb, you’ll find a locked door that requires three moths to unlock; you must guide them to the door using Lumos; however, you would need to find them first.

The first two moths can be found on the right side of the room where you found the locked door.

The final moth can be located on an elevated platform. To get to the moth, you must solve an easy puzzle that requires you to use Wingardium Leviosa on a wooden box to reach the moth.

Cursed Tomb Treasure Unlock Door
Image via Avalanche Software

After you’ve unlocked the door using the moths, you’ll find that the room is occupied by several Inferius, which you must battle before you can proceed with the quest. Luckily, the room is also filled with explosive barrels, making the task of dealing with these enemies much easier.

cursed tomb treasure map fragment
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Once you have dispatched all your foes and cleared the room, open the Map Fragment to find the right puzzle layout on the floor. You can turn each stone piece using Flipendo.

cursed tomb treasure puzzle
Image via Avalanche Software

Upon completion of the puzzle, the Cursed Tomb Treasure Chest will be revealed. Inside, you will find the Treasure Seeker Attire, which is a cosmetic alteration to further customize your character or give you a wider range of customization options.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Cursed Tomb Treasure quest. We hope you enjoyed this article and that you were properly informed. Please remember to enjoy your adventures in the wizarding world.

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