Hogwarts Legacy: Who is Harlow?

When you become a character in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with NPCs. These NPCs often become side quests, and you have relationship lines with them.

On the other hand, some NPCs turn out to be the villain in your story, and you have to defeat them. One such character is Harlow. However, one of the most popular questions is, ‘Who is Harlow?’ This article will explain who Harlow is and how you can defeat him in the game.

Who is Harlow? Answered!

Harlow Hogwarts Legacy
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Theophilus Harlow is a former Hogwarts student who chose the dark path. He turned against everyone who did him good and quickly became one of the top villains in Hogwarts Legacy.

Harlow is arrogant and likes to bully students and people at Hogsmeade and Hogwarts Campus. He lives near the Manor Cape area in Bainsburgh.

Harlow is also known to have worked for Rockwood before he got eliminated. He was Rockwood’s right hand and took over when he died. Harlow is a master of the dark arts and shows his mastery of dark magic in his quest.

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He’s also well known for his fighting skills, which helped him defeat many witches and wizards in the Highland. Harlow’s also known to be excellent in apparition; he’s so good that he can perform apparition in the middle of a fight.

How to Begin the Harlow’s Last Stand Quest

Now that you have the answer to the question, ‘Who is Harlow?’ You’re probably wondering how you can start the quest connected to him.

Right from the start, you must already doubt Harlow’s intention, but your lead comes from Natty, who sends you an owl to meet her near Manor’s cape. This means you need to talk to Natty to begin the quest. 

To get to the Manor Cape, you have to first fast-travel to Bainsburgh, and then you can use your broom to fly the remaining distance to Natty. Once you speak to Natty, the quest will begin.

How to Find Harlow’s Location

Once the quest begins, you have to go to Manor’s cape. You’ll meet several enemies you’ll need to defeat before seeing Harlow.

When you get to Manor’s cape, you’ll have to wait a while before beginning the fight. That’s why it’s best to prepare in advance by setting up your potions and spells. Once the dark wizards begin to appear, you’ll see that they’re not alone but accompanied by ash winders. 

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You can use spells like Expelliarmus, Confringo, and Glacius to eliminate these dark wizards and ashwinders. Using the spells mentioned will deplete your enemies’ health, making it easier to eliminate them.

How to Defeat Harlow in Hogwarts Legacy

After defeating the ash winders and dark wizards, Harlow will pop out of nowhere, and you have to defeat him.

Although Harlow isn’t a difficult opponent, his battle style can be tricky. He uses the Protego spell to protect himself, and this can be difficult to break through. He also uses Expulso and Reducto to damage his enemies before they can dodge.

Therefore, learn to get out of the road when Harlow shouts Expulsion. Doing this will shock him, and you can attack him before he recovers. He would also use apparition in the middle of the fight, so try to damage him as much as you can. Harlow might also try to insult you; ignore him, as he’s only trying to break your confidence. 

Note that Harlow has a lot of minions that will interfere in the battle. Luckily, you’ll have Natty by your side to help defeat the minions. When Harlow’s health is very low, he’ll confront you in a duel, and all you have to do at this point is win over his magic wand. Once you get his wand, he’ll fall to the ground, realizing he has been defeated. 

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How to Finish Harlow’s Last Stand Quest

While it seems like the end, Harlow’s full of surprises. He’ll stand up in agony and anger and try to attack you again.

Luckily, Natty will get in the way and protect you from the attack. Unfortunately, this would mean her taking the damage for you. The quest ends when you visit Natty, where she’s recovering from the attack

From Natty, you’ll learn that Harlow has been sent to the prison in Azkaban, and Hogwarts is safe again. Natty will also inform you how much she values your friendship.

Final Thoughts

Who is Harlow in Hogwarts Legacy? A dark wizard who turned against those who did him good. Once you defeat Harlow, you’ll never have to deal with him again and build your relationship with Natty. That’s all we have to tell you about Theophilus Harlow and how to defeat him. 

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