How Long Does It Take to Beat Hogwarts Legacy? Answered

Once you sign into Hogwarts Legacy, you can access many of the Wizarding World. While the game is filled with many adventures, features, and exotic beasts, players constantly wonder, ‘How long does it take to beat Hogwarts Legacy?’ You’re not alone if you’re wondering how many hours it would take players to complete the school year.

Most players constantly wonder what finishing the wizarding game looks like and how fast they can get there. We’ve played this RPG game and discovered how long it would take a regular player to make it through it. Curious? Keep reading to find out.

How Long Does It Take to Beat Hogwarts Legacy? 

The time it would take depends entirely on how you’re playing the game. If you’re following the main story, completing the entire game would take you at least 30 hours.

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However, this only works if you’re sticking to the story quest. There are quests in this game that comes with a level requirement. Therefore, you will have to explore various parts of Hogwarts Legacy to be able to access them. 

However, if you want to experience everything Hogwarts Legacy offers, you can open the detailed tracker found in the Hogwarts Legacy challenges menu.

This menu will break down the assignments you have left, the main quests, and the side quests you could explore. If you go through this route and enjoy Hogwarts Legacy to the fullest, it will take you 50-70 hours to complete the entire game. 

Players can speed things up by skipping all the cutscenes and dialogues in the game. Another factor that could increase the hours it would take to beat Hogwarts Legacy is your chosen difficulty level. If you change your difficulty to hard, you can expect the game to take an extra five hours to finish. 

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To fully enjoy Hogwarts Legacy and all it offers, simply set aside 75 hours to complete the game. You’ll soon find it impossible to unlock the Platinum Trophy in just a single playthrough.

Therefore, you’ll also need to play the game again until you have all four Horses. If your goal is to unlock all the game trophies, you should include an extra six hours to the required time for 100% completion. Players are looking at roughly 80 hours to complete the game. 

How Many Main Story Quests Are in Hogwarts Legacy?

Now that you know the answer to ‘How long does it take to beat Hogwarts Legacy?’ you’re probably wondering how many main quests there are.

There are 13 main story quests in Hogwarts Legacy, each broken up into a series of smaller quests and tasks. While some can be completed quickly, others could take much longer.

Some of these quests require players to complete special assignments for their customers. This could involve completing side quests. This means players must complete many side quests as part of the main story. 

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Final Thoughts

Playing Hogwarts Legacy is fun, and most players look forward to when they can complete the game. While there are many side quests and challenges to make the game longer, it would be worth every minute.

You can also replay the game as many times as you want in any of the other three houses to gain access to the house-specific quests.