Escape from Tarkov: Old Road Gate Tarkov Extract Guide 

Escape from Tarkov old road gate tarkov Extract Guide is a guide that will give the players an overview of the game’s world and provide valuable information on how to get to their objective. This area has many names, and some people think it’s a town.

The old road leads to the location of the White House, where most likely infamous and dangerous Tarkov was born. But the Tarkov’s residents can reach the farmstead by a new route: escape from Tarkov Invasion Gate. 

The game is a first-person shooter set in the Russian steppe. The player controls a warrior trying to escape from the old road gate tarkov Old Road Gate. The player can use various weapons and vehicles to fight through the game’s levels. 

Escape from Tarkov

Where Is the Old Road Gate situated in Tarkov

Your extraction points are around the Customs map, from the western wall past the Storage Facility and up to the Railroad at River. When double-tapping on the O key to pull up your extraction options, you are presented with a brief list of potential exit points, so it is worth knowing where each is located to avoid wandering off into crowded areas of Customs.

The Scavspawn, or potentially, the boss, the Reshala. Extra customs map extraction point that is Easy to spot and nearby by PMCs and Scavs, the RUAFs roadblock, is situated at the south control of the map, straight east of the map’s biggest river. 

The map is a confusing one, but below we highlighted Customs maps Escape From Tarkov extraction points so that you can easily reference them. Located in the western part of the map, Customs Crossroads Extraction Point is accessible by PMCs as well as Scavs. On the eastmost side of Customs, a sniper is located on the side of the main road, on the forested terrain, immediately north of the east-end of the extraction point. 

Where is the third Extraction located? 

The third Extraction is located on the south-eastern corner of Customs, which is only accessible if you are spawned east. Players either spawn on the western side of the map (Customs Side) and the extract is located on the east side of the map, or the east side of the map (Boiler side) and the extract is located on the west side. Each map has various extraction points, although only one of the three designated extraction points may be used in any one raid. 

If playing as the PMC, the landing spots are primarily spread out east and west, but there are two extraction points near the middle, too, as the map shows — Storage Building and Warehouse 4. In that tutorial, you will find Wood, Water, and the old road gate tarkov, but across the map, you will find Trailer Park, while to the north, you will have The Dorm, a few buildings which double as spawn points.

On Escape From old road gate tarkov custom maps, you will be able to find the bosses appearing at a lot of places, such as in the dorms, in Scavs fortress, and very occasionally at a tower just north of a new gas station, or in the area between a woods checkpoint and the underpass. 

(FAQs) Frequently asked questions

Can you through a scab? 

The remoteness of time a Player Scav has been inside the attack is distinct to a Run Complete. Some Player Scav that extracts later the early raid timer has had 7 minutes pass will gain the 300 “Exploration Bonus” ability points and will not have a Run Through in old road gate tarkov. 

How do you extract escape from old road gate tarkov customs?  

Needs: Green Flares to be lit It’s located on a spinning off the main road southeast of the large duties structure. It won’t be Accessible in every game, so keep an eye for green flashes lit in the area as you select it out. If They’re current that means the extraction point is available

What time will old road gate tarkov in extraction? 

To escape the Run Over rank, increase at least 200 EXP or be in the raid for at least 7 minutes Previously extracting. 

What is the functionality of extraction points in Escape from Tarkov? 

You must extract inside this time limit, so be assured to chequered it as soon as you join a game. Press the O key double to bring this message back up at any time. To extract in Escape from Tarkov, you must reach a definite point on the map and stance by it until an extraction timer counts down. 

What are green flares in Tarkov? 

It Means exit is now available. If you are not there, it means no one can extract here. Many of them have settings, but some of the possible ones are just selected accidentally to be available. 

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