DBD Killer Tier List: Strongest Champs Ranked (September 2022)

The tiered list ranks all assassins in Dead by Daylight based on their strength and performance. In the Dead by Daylight assassin tier list, each assassin is placed into one of five tiers based on their skills and abilities and how easy they are to use against other players.

This list ranks assassins based on their abilities, which you can use to determine if that assassin is suitable for your playstyle.

Since Dead by Daylight offers its own set of characters, there are many unique characters to play, whether they’re the best or not. So, here we have that list for you to go through and look at every assassin.

DBD: Overview

Dead By Daylight includes Killers and Survivors created explicitly for the game and includes characters drawn from pop culture media, such as Ash from the Evil Dead franchise and Demogorgon from Stranger Things.

Dead by Daylight will soon get a new killer ahead of the iconic Pinhead, but it can’t be included in this tier list until it’s released and tested for a few days.

Deadly is probably one of the best survivor finders on this DBD killer class list. With his long-range assassin ability to traverse trays and Pyramid Head’s excellent tracking abilities, Pyramid Head is at the top of this Dead by Daylight S-rank roster.

Before we get started, I’d like to preface this list with the statement that different people will
find some assassins more interesting than others, and anyone can be a great player with an

However, there are assassins out there that are simply better than others and, admittedly, more fun to play, so without further ado, let’s dive into Tier S. Dead by Daylight will soon get a new assassin ahead of the iconic Pinhead.

Still, until when it’s released and tested for several days, it cannot be included in this tier list. Deadly might be one of the best survivor finders on this list of DBD killer tiers.


This tier list gives you a lot of information about the most critical assassins in Dead by Daylight and includes DBD perks in this tier list to make the right choice.

Assassins are plentiful in DBD, some are nice to play with, and others are weaker, so here is a list of assassin tiers to pick from the best in the game.

While each player’s experience may vary, following this tier list should give you a good idea
of what assassins to play.

One final reminder, the best killer for a game, is the one you like the most, so no matter what the tier list says, the one that gets you the most ruthless kills is the best one for you.

dbd killer tier list


· The Blight
· The Nightmare
· The Nurse
· The Spirit


· The Deathslinger
· The Executioner
· The Hag
· The Hillbilly
· The Huntress
· The Oni
· The Twins


· The Cannibal
· The Demogorgon
· The Doctor
· The Nemesis
· The Plague
· The Trickster


· The Clown
· The Ghost Face
· The Legion
· The Pig
· The Shape
· The Cenobite


· The Trapper
· The Wraith

As of patch 2.5.0, this is the ranking that I think best represents and illustrates the current state of Dead By Daylight Killers, in descending order from highest to lowest.

It’s important to note that our Dead By Daylight tier list will be as updated as possible with releasing the newest assassins added to the game; artists in Chapter 22.

Some of the Best DBD Killers (Description):

The only thing the Blight can do well is sneak quickly, but that’s not a worthwhile compromise when other assassins have so many other abilities to offer. No other killer in our Dead by Daylight ranking comes close to Ghost Face in terms of stealth.

While the Nurse may not be number one on our list of DBD killers, she is still one of the best killers in Dead by Daylight. The Slayer is one of the most iconic assassins in the game, but the reason she’s not tiered A is that she’s tough to master.

The two main reasons a teleported assassin isn’t a hundred is that sometimes even the best nurses can’t just take out every SWF team they come across, and often her Blinks don’t lead her where she wants to go.

Hillbilly is rarely used in high-level play and is not the best choice for beginners as other assassins have equally better mobility and skills, such as Blight and Nurse. The only thing Blight can do is sneak fast, but it’s not a compromise worth compromising when other assassins have so many other abilities to offer.

What frustrates the Doctor is that the Doctor cannot effectively kill survivors like higher-level killers like Nurse and Spirit can. The Doctor is an assassin that works best when you know where the survivors are. The Doctor is a rare sight in any Dead by Daylight game, but he deserves a place at the second tier in the new list of killer tiers due to his ability to cause havoc in the game.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the DBD tier list with complete information.

What is an S tier in DBD?

The S Tier refers to some of the most powerful characters in the dead by daylight game. That means if you’re looking for some of the strongest characters in DBD then you must pick up someone from S Tier.

What is the best killer in DBD?

The Nurse is one of the most powerful and strongest killers in the Dead by Daylight. She has lots of powerful abilities such as she can easily able to teleporting from one point to another in a blink.

Who is the easiest killer in DBD?

The Wraith, is one of the easiest killers in the Dead By Daylight game.

This is the end of this short guide.

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