Choose a Path Studious or Sightseeing in Pokemon Go Adventures Near and Far

As part of the Adventure Week event, Pokemon Go Adventures Near and Far is available as a Special Research. Players logging into the game on any day till August 2 can see the task pop up in the Hidden Gems section after clicking the ‘binoculars’ option on the left-hand corner from the Map view. It has four steps with rewards including Pokemon encounters and a total of 12000 XP and 6000 Stardust upon completion.

Pokemon Go Adventures Near and Far Timed Event Research branches into Studious Adventure and Sightseeing Adventure.

Researchers will be able to choose one route after completing the first mission that requires them to ‘Catch 3 Pokemon’, leading to a Roggenrola encounter. As such, there is a great deal of confusion about which route to take during the event.

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‘Near and Far’ research will end on Wednesday, August 2, at 8:00 PM LT. Here are some key details to know before choosing Studious Adventure or Sightseeing Adventure.

Adventures Near and Far event-exclusive research: Sightseeing Adventure route

Pokemon GO Sightseeing or Studious
pokemon go sightseeing adventure

Even though the research event splits into two separate divisions, the rewards are the same for every task. The only difference is the missions that players are based on according to the route they choose. Choosing Sightseeing Adventure will make trainers collect Pokemon, spin PokeStops, and hatch Eggs. It requires a lot of legwork as suggested by the word ‘sightseeing’ in the research name.

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Sightseeing Adventure in Pokemon Go Adventures Near and Far is the ideal route for trainers who are on the move for more Pokemon each day. It will require them to travel a total distance of 3 KM, catch around 25 Pokemon with 15 being Rock-types, spin 5 Pokestops, and hatch 2 Eggs. Hatching a 7 KM Egg has increased chances of getting a Shiny Tyrunt or Shiny Amaura during the event duration.

Adventures Near and Far event-exclusive research: Studious Adventure route

Choosing Studious Adventure will give tasks focused on catching specific Pokemon and completing Field Research. Similar to the Sightseeing route, it will require players to move from Pokestop to Pokestop and spin them to get Field Research tasks.

The Studious route is a bit hectic though because the missions specify covering a total of 3 KM distance, while spinning multiple Pokestops to complete Field Researches that range from incredibly tough challenges like hatching 5 Eggs or traveling 7 KM.

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This is why some players have given up on the event-based missions, with one player on Reddit arguing that completing the task isn’t worth it unless it’s a guaranteed hundo (15/15/15 IV Pokemon) or Shiny.

Which is better: Studious or Sightseeing route in Pokemon Go?

To conclude, Sightseeing Adventure is the better/easier option compared to the Studious Adventure route. This is mainly because the latter research requires the completion of Field Research.

Players never know which event-based mission or normal mission they can get from spinning the Pokestop – making the whole process of completing the Adventures Near and Far Research cumbersome and time-consuming.