Murkwater Cave Elden Ring Location & How To Kill Boss

Murkwater Cave Elden Ring: In the Elden ring there are six main lands and it is divided into various small lands. In this Elden Ring, the murkwater cave is one of the vital parts of the story. You have to complete this part of the map and then you can head to explore the forward world of the Elden ring to become the Elden ring.

Murkwater is not easy to locate on the map, murkwater is located in a hidden dungeon in the west Mulgrave area. In murkwater you have to handle the NPC and also have to find the different items and then have to fight with the boss.

After completing this part of the map you will get the rewards. After defeating the patches boss in murkwater cave you will get rewards and other things of patches you will receive. Other than patch there will be other enemy names such as bloody finger nerijus.

murkwater cave elden ring

Murkwater Cave Location in Elden Ring

The murkwater cave is located on the west wall of the river to the north of agheel lake. To enter the cave you have to access the cave from the north or south because the cave has stiff cliffs so it won’t be easy to access from the other side.

What will be inside the Murkwater Cave in Elden Ring

Before visiting the murkwater cave you might need a torch to see through the dark. It will help you to see the enemies easily, so purchase a torch from the merchant kale, the torch will cost you 200 runes in the church of elleh.

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When you see the cave you will notice the bodies of the undead soldiers. Also, there will be long grass present so you can sneak out in the grass, nonetheless, there will be traps designed so don’t enter directly.

There will be bell traps on either side of the pathway and it will lead you into the cavern. The enemies are not too hard to defeat but surely will make you bleed so try to avoid any traps and slowly enter the cave and dismiss the enemies.

Bloody finger nerijus in Elden Ring

When you enter the murkwater cave you have to face the bloody finger nerijus. The bloody fingers are fast and quick they will make you bleed from a distance.

When you enter the cave and reach near to them, the bloody finger will quickly attack you by throwing weapons upon you and you will not be able to dodge at first, the weapons will make you bleed damage. Also as you reach there will be bloody finger hunter yura.

It will appear at the end but will fly alongside you. In the cave, it is kind of impossible to defeat the bloody fingers. If you die in that lake fighting with the enemies then you have to redo all the things from the last end. So here is a trick for you if you are summoned by the enemies in a cave and impossible to win.

You can run southward, but your horse will not be there with you so you have to run till the lake. So when you reach the lake, be careful of the skeleton. The nerijus will chase you to some extent then they will disappear from your path and will mess with the bloody finger nerijus has returned to their world. After that, you can re-enter the cave and won’t have to face other enemies in the cave,

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Also, while fighting with bloody finger nerijus, keep a distance from them and watch their attack, bloody fingers are quick so you won’t have much time to react. Save yourself from the attack of the enemies till the bloody finger hunter yura appearsa. After that, when nerijus makes his attack and gets ready to do another attack at that time you and yura have to attack. With these statics, it’s simple to defeat nerijus,

When you defeat the bloody finger nerijus you will get the full calling finger remedy and the weapon reduvia. Furlcalling finger remedy will help you to see summoning signs, so wherever it is necessary you can use and can play as a co-op. Whereas reduvia is a dagger which causes the bleed as it touches the skins and only requires 13 dexterity and 13 arcana to use.

Murkwater Cave Boss and How To Defeat Patches

When you will enter the boss area, the room will be empty and not be a single body in there to fight. So you have to annoy the boss to fight with you. When you enter the boss’ room, open the chest and get some cloth garb and cloth trousers.

After this, the boss will aggressively approach you. The boss is angry as you try to steal his thing from his own, now it’s time to fight with the boss. The boss patches will fight you with the towers shield and a spear, and also have splitting powers which make your powers less effective.

It is kind of frustrating to fight with the patches because he has the long shield, so to defeat him every time you have to find a window and have to attack him with full potential through that gap. But the plus point is when you lose half of his energy level he will surrender in front of you and ask for mercy. It’s your call if you kill him or forgive him. Both will get you rewards accordingly.

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In case if you defeat him then you will get the two golden runes which are worth 200 runes irrespective of if you kill him or not. If you forgive him then you will get the groel for mercy gesture and he will become the merchant.

If you kill him then you will receive his accessories such as leather armour, leather gloves and leather boots and also his spear which has a +7 level upgrade. The spear requires 12 dex and 15 dex to use as one of your weapons and the spear will do pierce damage.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the murkwater cave Elden Ring with complete information.

What is the location of Elden Ring in Murkwater Cave?

Elden Ring’s Murkwater Cave is a location. Limgrave is home to the Murkwater Cave. It’s half way down the page the Murkwater River, but keep an eye out for Bloody Finger Nerijus’ location.

How do you enter the cave of Murkwater?

Emerging into a tunnel with a Highwayman guarding and the other seated on the opposite side of the chamber after passing through a tiny tunnel. There are many tripwires linked to bells inside this chamber that, if tripped, will call 5 more highwaymen from another room.

What is inside of Elden Ring in Murkwater Cave?

In the Murkwater Cave you will find armours such as Highwayman Gauntlets Gauntlet, Cloth Garb Chest, Highwayman Hood Helm and much more.

Why am I unable to enter Murkwater Cave?

Excluding the Murkwater Cave, the Nerijus is extremely far from any location of grace, and you can’t enter the Cave while they’re called, so if you die, getting back to the same place can take a long time.

This is end of this short guide.

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