Celestial Dew Elden Ring: Full Guide (2022)

This is an ultimate guide based on the Celestial Dew Elden Ring with complete information related to the Celestial Dew.

What is Elden Ring?

Elden ring was published on February 25 2022 and it was released for Microsoft windows ps4, ps5, Xbox One and Xbox series x/s. Elden ring is an open-world action role-playing game with a third-person perspective. the game was developed by software and published by Bandai Namco entertainment further the game was directed by the Hudetaka Miyazaki.

Elden ring has an open-world gaming experience with the combat features the several types of instruments, weapons and magic spells also. Nonetheless, the game has the option of horseback riding, summons and crafting.

In a game, the gamers have to explore the open world between the six main lands. The main locations in games are castles, caves and catacombs.

Basically, in the game, the gamers have to combat the NPC’s non-player characters, in each, there will be several bosses and after defeating all the bosses while exploring the world have to fight with the main boss at the end of the series.

How To Get Celestial DEW in Elden Ring?

The celestial dew is not an easy thing to get, it is one of the rare items of the Elden ring. To get the celestial dew either you have to purchase it which costs near a fortune and you have to explore the deadliest area in the elden ring to get the celestial dew.

But with the great weapons and some skills you can easily defeat the NPC enemy and can get the celestial dew. In some of the place you have to look through every corner to get the celestial dew.

With this celestial dew you don’t need to go to NPC which is killed by you. You have to find the church where you can continue with the quest line and get to other lands after that.

Celestial Dew Elden Ring

In raya lucaaria academy:

The first option for to get the celestial dew is by looting the corpse which will be on the inside north of the locked raya lucaria south gate.

In nokron eternal city:

The other option is to find celestial dew in the Elden ring near the end of the aqueduct at the bottom of ruins.

To get the celestial dew you can get by the side of the road in nights’ sacred ground on corpse.

Nokstella, eternal city:

you can loot the celestial dew from the body on a ledge which will be on just southwest of UHL palace ruins.

You can also receive the celestial dew from the nokstella, in the north of the nokestella, eternal city of grace there will be some snails where you can find it easily with the search option.

On the south west corner of nokstella you can also find it on corpse underneath some ruins.

You can also purchase the celestial dew in Elden ring:

With enough runes you can easily get the celestial dew if you killed any of the NPCs. But if you don’t have enough runes then you can search for the celestial dew as mentioned above.

To buy the celestial dew you can visit the nomadic merchant in ainsel river where you can get it for 7500 runes.

The other seller of the celestial dew is by visiting caris manor where you can get 5000 runes.

How to locate the place easily for the celestial dew to find it fast

First, open the map and find the area where you will find the celestial dew, now in the area mentioned south, north, on the top right corner of the map you will see the direction sign mentioned so from that you can guess the exact location of the celestial dew.

After some search, you will get the celestial dew. With this tip, you don’t have to look in all places. You can easily divide the area by its location and can find it easily and quickly.

Why you need to revive the NPC in Elden ring

So the Elden ring is not like any other combat game where you can easily kill the non player’s characters in the game to reach the main boss. In the Elden ring first, you have to communicate with them to get to another land.

If you kill them then you will not move forward in the game and get locked out of their questline. So if you made that mistake then you don’t have to worry about starting the game from the beginning. You just have to reverse the process and need to revive them.

It is possible with the celestial dew. But it is not that simple like you can pour to them and they will get back to communicate with you.

How to revive the dead merchant NPCs:

To revive them you will need the celestial dew, we mentioned above how to get the celestial dew.

After that, find the church of vows in Eastern Liurnia, the place is the home of the beloved turtle pope miriel.

In the church, you will find the statue of lady rennala, go close to the statue now, visit the inventory where you will see the celestial dew if you have it then select Atone.

With this, you can ask for forgiveness if you killed the NPCs by accident or aggression. This will not make the dead alive. This will help you to get things easily done with the no longer aggressive act of NPC with you and you can continue with their questline.

It is just a transaction for you for the questlines. If you killed the NPC by mistake or in aggression and want to know about the questline then you have to give the celestial dew for the questlines.

Important things need to know about the celestial dew:

  • The players can hold up to 99 celestial dew with them.
  • But players can store up to 600 celestial dew in inventory
  • Players can celestial dew for the 100 runes keep in mind that the price of this is 7000 runes and 5000 runes if you want to purchase
  • Furthermore, you cannot trade the celestial dew for the player trade.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the celestial dew Elden Ring with complete information.

How do I get celestial dew in Elden Ring?

In order to find the Celestial Dew in Elden Ring, you need to follow these lookups on these locations to avoid extra hassle.

1. Sold by Pidia, Carian Servant at Caria Manor: on a balcony above the Manor Lower Level bonfire for at the Nomadic Merchant in Ainsel River.
2. The body was discovered hanging from a cliff overlooking the Uhl Palace Ruins.
3. The ruins of Uhl Palace were discovered on the ground.
4. The body was discovered on a cliff overlooking the Uhl Palace Ruins, hanging from a corpse. Link to the Elden Ring Map.
5. The ruins of Uhl Palace were discovered on the ground. Link to the Elden Ring Map.
6. It was discovered on a corpse in the corner of ruin in Nokron, Eternal City. Link to the Elden Ring Map. [Video Source]
7. In Night’s Sacred Ground, it was discovered on a corpse at the side of the road. Link to the Elden Ring Map. [Video Source]
8. In Nokstella, Eternal City, a corpse was discovered under some ruins. Link to the Elden Ring Map.
9. Next to some snails, north of the Nokstella, Eternal City Site of Grace. Link to the Elden Ring Map.
10. A corpse was discovered leaning against the Raya Lucaria Academy’s barred gate. Map of the Elden Ring.

What does celestial dew do Elden Ring?

The Celestial Dew is a form of cash used to forgive the player of specific sins against NPCs in order to resume questlines or amicable ties. It is one of the numerous Key Items located around Elden Ring. In the Eternal City, a hidden Tear was discovered. Also referred to as a Night Tear.

Where do I take celestial dew?

The Celestial Dew at the Church of Absolution is the answer to resetting these NPC characters. Once you have a Celestial Dew, simply go to the Church’s Turtle Pope to learn about absolution, at which point you will be instructed to kneel in the well and offer the Celestial Dew for absolution.

This is end of this short guide.

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