How To Enable Fullscreen Deltarune Chapter 2 

How to fullscreen Deltarune: Deltarune allows fans to revisit the game they loved, but to say that this is just a rehash would be far too simplistic. While Deltarune features elements that made Undertale tick, such as music and clever dialogue, many new elements in this title set it apart.

In terms of graphics, Deltarune harkens back to the days of arcade games, too, with the pixelated artwork exactly like that found in Undertale. How to fullscreen Deltarune is an episodic RPG continuation and a parallel story (not quite a sequel) to Undertale, created by Toby Fox. He describes it as a game you can play once you have completed UNDERTALE if you choose. 

Deltarune: Overview 

The first chapter of Deltarune was free on October 31, 2018, for Microsoft Windows and macOS; Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions were released on February 28, 2019. Gagster, via the Undertale Twitter account, said that on October 30, 2018, the game’s first chapter was released one day later on Windows and macOS under the guise of the Survey Program but was revealed as the full-experience demo.

A Nintendo Direct was released on February 13, 2019, which announced the first Deltarune chapter was coming on February 28 on the Nintendo Switch. The first chapter of Deltarune was released in 2018, with fans waiting a long time to get to chapter two. 

how to fullscreen deltarune

How to Make Deltarune Chapter 2 Fullscreen 

Now, with the free Steam release of Chapter 2 (and Chapter 1, obviously), Deltarune players are again given a choice as to whether or not they want to tackle their problems with violence (bullet hell) or peace. Since Undertale launched, many players have been facing issues in the fullscreen mode since Undertale is locked into windowed mode by default. 

Here, you will see some options, including Master Volume, Simplify VFX, and more. What you want to toggle here to achieve Fullscreen is, of course, called Fullscreen. 

Press the FN+F4 buttons on Mac’s keyboard when playing Undertale to enter the full-screen view. When running Undertale on your game system, you will notice the maximize button, responsible for making Undertale bigger and greyed out. How to fullscreen Deltarune back in the borderless window, players can just hit Alt+Enter, the same way they would press Go Fullscreen. 

If you unlock Weird Pathway in Deltarune Chapter 2, you are granted numerous Dialogue Changes and Battle Changes throughout the rest of the game. The modified Deltarune version now features a Chapter List, allowing players to choose the starting points for players.

Fox’s previous game, Undertale, Deltarune, includes a multi-party system, TP (Tense Points) gauge, ability to shield and cast magic, and an overall overhaul in graphics. After the last tease about something related to Undertale the previous day, Toby Fox released the first chapter of Deltarune, a titled for people who finished Undertale, on October 31, 2018, on Windows and macOS, free-to-play. 

Make DELTARUNE Full screen – Windows PC

Toby Fox does not appear to wish to call Undertale a sequel, only as a game you can play after you finish UNDERTALE >>. Unlike Undertale, Deltarune would have a single ending — but players would still have choices about how they chose to play the game (such as a Pacifist path). As usual, boot up Undertale Chapters 1+2 on Steam, hit Alt+Ent, and the game maximizes into a fullscreen view. 

By doing so, you will be able to toggle fullscreen and a windowed mode for Undertale and other RPGs. Pressing both keys together switches your screen from windowed to fullscreen for some PC games, like Undertale. Press the F4 button.

This is the function key on the top row of your keyboard; pressing F4 will maximize your window and cause Undertale to go fullscreen. Open up any text field, switch the input method to Gamepad Input Method, and hit any gamepad button, it will trigger the notification, and it now opens Undertale. 

Make DELTARUNE Full screen – MacOS

Suppose you are running Undertale in Mac OS and wondering how to run it fullscreen in Mac OS, press Command+Control+F. This services the game to move to fullscreen. 

(FAQs) Frequently asked questions

Will Deltarune Chapter 2 be the full game? 

No Deltarune chapter 2 is not a complete game. It is a chapter of one part of the story. 

Does Chapter 1 affect chapter 2, Deltarune? 

No Deltarune chapter 2 is not affected by chapter 1. You can play chapter 2 without saving chapter 1 data. 

Are you able to kill in Deltarune? 

No, you cannot kill in Deltarune because only genocide is possible in this game. If you try to kill any character, they have already run away from you, so you cannot kill anyone. 

What is the real name of Toby fox? 

The real name of Toby fox is Robert F. Fox. Toby is an American video game creator and video game, composer. He is also known for developing the roleplaying game Undertale and Deltarune.

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