Project Zomboid Foraging Guide: How to Forage for items?

This is a comprehensive Zomboid Foraging Guide on which we will help you to know how to forage for items in the game without having a hassle.

The game project zomboid is one of the most famous open-world horror video games. Project zomboid was developed by the British and Canadian independent game developer named The Indie Stone.

The game’s theme is survival in the apocalypse of a zombie-infested world where the player has to play for their survival in the game for as long as possible.

While playing project zomboid player has only one goal, survival at any cost and for as long as possible. The place where players have to fight for their survival is under an apocalypse of the zombie-infested virus; this place is addressed as Knox County. The authorities have quarantined the area in Knox County.

Players have to choose a character for themselves that represents them in the game. For selecting the character, a player can choose based on skills, looks, and traits before going on any mission in the game. Players have to fulfill their basic needs of hunger, tiredness, and stress to be in the game.

Gamers have to show their survival skills because they would have to search for the supplies without being killed. In project zomboid, the zombies move in their classical slow move, but some special zombies also move faster than others.

The game becomes interesting when the world’s resources will run out or expire; moodles have to be maintained, and eventually, the number of zombies will increase; they don’t rest; sooner or later, they will come to you then the player has to keep themselves in a closed, isolated quarantine zone then be saved from the zombies.

Still, supplies will be no supplies left; this phase of the game is complex; some players hide in the woods, and tree cabins here can die from not running out of supplies, so they will have to change their locations.

There is a skill that will answer all our problems foraging. Foraging is a continuous source of food and material in any given condition.

Zomboid Foraging Guide

Certain items have the time of year needed. Still, you’ll get regular chances of looting of time of year on a high-level player can absorb the item of forage, over time the area replenishes its stock of items to forage, so players never indeed run out.

How to forage for items In project zomboid for foraging, simply follow the steps:

1. Press the right-click button on the ground area, which can be foraged.

2. Somewhere in the action menu, an option foraging will appear with a percentage value. This value represents how many resources can be formed from that particular area. Since you have selected to forage from this area, its abundance will eventually slide to 0%. At such a point, foraging for more items is stopped.

Foraging is a very great skill to perform; it requires so much amount of energy; if a player once uses forage, it will make them tired; even if a player uses multi forage, it will drain him of energy and make your character very weak so levelling up in your foraging skill.

It will not only help you in searching for new items, but it will also reduce the harm that has been done to your tiredness by the foraging.

Where to forage?

Forage in Project zomboid is very important for the player’s survival; there is no limit to how much grass area you can forage on the map.

Yes, the road area indoor area cannot forage, and the natural wood’s grass area can forage, but in cities, some grass areas will not forage.

There are so many left or abandoned items in the wood that can be foraged since zombies are slightly less in wood, the zombies will not attack you; soon, look on the map for the item to forge and then forge them to your inventory.

Item to forage in project zomboid Many items can forage in the project zomboid; here are some items that use this list to forage items according to your foraging skill.

No level of foraging Junk, berries, mushrooms, stones, branches, twigs, and violets.

Foraging levels less than 5

Wild vegetables, grape leaves, worms, wild onions, logs, rosehips, cricket, cherries, recipe magazine, rare junks, dead orange rats.

Foraging levels less than 8

Jalapenos, habaneros, limes, lemons, insects, grapes, dead birds, frogs, wild eggs, strawberries, pears, grapefruit, corn, dead squirrels, and dead rabbits.

How do you enhance your foraging skills?

You would have got it by now how vital foraging skill is in this survival game. Here are some key points that you can follow to enhance your foraging skill.


Some occupations automatically increase your foraging skill in the game’s default setting. Fisherman, chief, park ranger, farmer, veteran, lumberjack.


If there is any other occupation you have selected, this trait will increase your skill. Lucky, hiker, former scout, hunter, eagle-eyed, gardener, out doorkeepers, cook, cat’s eye, nutritionist, and herbalist. This is all about the foraging guide using the above information to forage new items in the project zomboid.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the zomboid foraging guide with complete information.

What does leveling up foraging do Project Zomboid?

Players will discover different Forage Items as their Foraging skills improve.

How do you pick up foraged items in Project Zomboid?

There are the steps you need to take in order to pick up foraged items in Project Zomboid.

1. Turn on the search mode and walk about the area.
2. When an eye icon emerges above your head, come to a halt.
3. Look about and click in this area with your mouse.
4. When you come across an object, it will be identified by its tag.
5. To pick it up, double-click the item tag.

What does the lucky trait do in Project Zomboid?

In other words, if you have the Lucky trait, you’ll have a better chance of getting uncommon goods from any loot containers. On zombies, for example, you’ll discover more guns, tools, and weapons, and you might even find an M16 in a Gun Store if you have the Lucky trait.

How do you get rid of the queasy in Project Zomboid?

In Project Zomboid, you’ll need to rest, eat healthily, and heal if you’re feeling sick. Recovery from a nauseous moodle can take a long time, so it’s best to locate a safe place to hide for a few days. With that in mind, you should obtain plenty of rest and avoid overexerting yourself at this secure location.

This is the end of this short guide.

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